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What Small American Businesses Are Doing to Help the Environment

With the environment being in the worst condition that it has been in to date, people are finally starting to make small steps in the right direction to try and help the environment. On the forefront of this are local businesses that are doing whatever they can to do their bit.


One of the most important changes that small American businesses are making is completely abandoning plastic bags. Single use plastics are one of the major causes for environmental issues. Small businesses are instead offering paper bags that are biodegradable as well as woven long life bags. This trend of no longer selling plastic bags is quickly spreading and soon it will be unlikely that you will be able to purchase any single use bags while out shopping.

Another way in which small businesses are helping the environment is by thinking about their products packaging. Stores that sell food goods are now no longer individually wrapping fruits and veg, it is instead expected that the customer brings their own containers and bags to carry these. Jars have become a favourite among whole food buyers as you can throw them into your bag and fill them with plenty of nuts or berries.

A lot of small online businesses are also giving their helping hand. A local SEO Companyhas used their site to collect donations from those who want to help. These donations go straight to several different businesses, some focusing on deforestation and others on the funding of renewable energy sources.

A lot of companies are also installing solar panels to help run their energy demanding businesses, this is a fantastic way to try and reduce extensive energy consumption that is detrimental to the environment. It also saves them a bit of money on their energy bills.

Sophisticated Keyless Car Theft is on the rise in the US

Car theft is an issue that many of us in the US may face at one point in our lives with many people choosing to invest in vehicles that are equipped with proficient security systems to combat the increase in Keyless Car Theft. This increase in Keyless Car Theft is something that the general populous try not to think about, it can be easy to get into a mindset where you believe this will never happen to you however, things like these often occur when you least expect it and in my opinion it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to avoiding a theft.


There are many safety precautions that you can take when it comes to protecting your vehicle such as :

  • Updating your locks – by making updates to the locks on your car you are able to rely on the fact that you have a reliable lock to protect your car from being stolen, although Keyless crime is on the rise having a stronger lock system on your vehicle can also deter potential thieves.


  • Putting away valuables – ensuring that any valuables and items of interest are not in view can make your car less susceptible to theft instead of enticing them.


  • Alarms and surveillance – another great way of deterring Keyless Car Theft is purchasing extra security precautions. Alarms and CCTV are great detergents for thieves as well as their practical purposes of alerting you to any tampering to your car and recording those who try to steal from you.


In this day and age you have to remember your responsibility as a car owner and take the appropriate measures to protect your property. There are many ways you can do this and with green-4-u’s car parts blog you can easily research the security products currently on the market.

Hampton’s International Urges Homeowners to Prepare for New Septic Tank Regulations

For those of us that can afford it, Septic tanks are becoming a popular alternative in areas with a poor drainage system.  They’re better for the environment than using the main sewage system  and they naturally filter waste into the soil from the tank’s underground position. But with any new popular home feature comes continuously evolving regulations, Septic tanks are no different and Hampton’s International urge homeowners to prepare for new regulations.


Septic tanks have been favored in recent years due to the lack of security that have come with aging sewer pipes.  There have been instances of raw sewage leaking out of the pipes into local areas. This has been known to contaminate local groundwater and so many have decided to use Septic tanks in order to not add to the potential issues.


These new regulations are being used to help Britain’s rivers and stream systems. Damage and pollution can happen if the treatment chemicals found in Septic Tanks seep into the water. This can be detrimental for the wildlife in the water and the naturally occurring vegetation. Septic tanks that are not maintained properly can also cause health issues to people living close to their drainage systems. In order to prevent this, Septic Tank owners are now required to incorporate a drainage field into their system. This is a differing solution rather than  simply draining the waste into ditches or smaller streams.  This means that the sewage will just seep into the soil and will receive further treatment.


One obstacle that comes with these new regulations is the issues that homeowners may face if their homes are on the market.  If you have not met the expectations of the new regulations then you are required to take your house off the market and add the additional drainage field. It would be recommended to have your Septic tank pumped in order to make adding the additional feature a lot easier, you can find more info online for which pumping method may be best for you.


One thing to take notice of is the potential costs that may come with the need to add the drainage field. There have been sales put into place as the government urges people to make these changes quickly so it is best to add the drainage field now as opposed to upgrading later on when it can be substantially more expensive.  The only issue is that the drainage systems are often private and if you are unable to afford these new changes then there is little that can be offered in terms of financial support, so it may be a good idea to find a local company that will set up a payment plan.


You have until the 1st of January to upgrade your Septic tank, after this you may have to deal with potential fines. Make sure to do your research before you upgrade your Septic tank system and see who in your local area may do the best job.

Wristband Company Gets Quantum Growth Due to Clever Facebook Advertising

Djanjo Wristbands, a wristband company based in California, have seen their profits almost double to $500,000 for the month of February after utilizing Fakebook advertising in a very smart way.

Shares in the relatively new wristband company beat expectations, with underlying replacement cost profits surging from $264,000 for the month of January to $500,000 for February.

This came after Django launched a Facebook advertising campaign which publicized the customizable nature of their wristbands.

However, Django Wristbands also used the advertising technique of retargeting for their advertising campaign. Retargeting is when you target users who have visited certain pages on your website and are more likely to buy the product when they see an advertisement.

Owen Saffidy, the chief marketing executive at Django, said: “You have to pick audience wisely. For example, we were showing ads of a big scale to high-customers who purchase regularly.”

“The trick is to target people who already have a connection to your business, as the familiarity will make them more likely to click on an advertisement to see what the offer is. If they have visited your business before, seeing another advertisement that is appealing is very likely to convert them to a buyer”

“People feel safer purchases the product if they feel they know the business, even if they’ve never bought anything before” he added.

However, others said that the success is because of multiple factors, not just the advertising techniques.

Gareth Matteo, who is a CEO at the company, stated that the success was also because of things like the quality of the wristbands and the extent of the customization, which also allows you to choose between customization styles. For example, you can choose to have your custom text printed, debossed, debossed color filled, embossed and embossed printed onto your wristband. Although others have argued that other companies already do this, such as SleekWristbands.com for example.

Django is now one of the leading manufacturers of customizable wristbands, with many charities and businesses now using their bracelets for everything for advertising to fundraising. Both Matteo and Saiffidy said that the believe Django will only go up from here now that the company has made a name for themselves on the national stage – only time will tell if this is the case.

3500 Trees Will be Planted in Northern Texas After Tornado

After the disastrous northern Texas tornado of October 2019, the Texas tree foundation has announced their plans to plant 3500 new trees. This news has been popularly received by Dallas citizens and will definitely have those in the big business of tree surgery in Corpus Christi, Texas licking their lips ready to jump into action.

The tornado has been described as one of the worst in Texas history, as it cost the state nearly two billion dollars in damages. The storm was rated as an EF-3 storm by local meteorologists and had winds measured at nearly 140 miles per hour. An Ef-3 storm is the label given to storms that cause severe damage. Images from the affected towns show that the tornado actually managed to flip over cars, uproot trees and even snapped power lines. These snapped power lines left over one hundred thousand Texans without power. The Texas power companies were left completely unprepared for the storm and its damages leaving many citizens without power for a number of weeks.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson was quoted in a press conference as saying “Considering the path that the storm took — it went across a pretty densely populated part of our city — I think we should consider ourselves very fortunate that we did not lose any lives, no fatalities and no serious injuries in last night’s storm.” The storm caught meteorologists completely by surprise, and the fact there were no fatalities can only be seen as a minor miracle; due to the high winds and the extreme damages that was caused.

The local wildlife of Northern Texas was not as lucky unfortunately. By estimate Northern Texas has 142 species of animals including some of which are extremely rare. The damage caused to wildlife was heightened due to the unexpected nature of the tornado, local wildlife groups did not have enough time to react and save many of these poor animals. The death rate of the animals caught in the tornado is yet to be announced, but many fear they were not as lucky as the human civilians.

As I previously mentioned the Texas tree foundation is likely to work very close with local tree surgery businesses. This is due to the damaged nature of many trees that need to be replaced. They are currently stuck in the ground twisted and contorted. This will cause an unbelievable amount of damage to the local eco system if left to rot. Local tree surgeons will have to de root and cut the current dead trees and replace them with the Texas tree foundations new tree plants.

This swift response can only be seen as a great thing, and the foundation has been described as miracle workers. A local Dallas councilwoman stated that the foundation was `unbelievable` and the state of Texas was forever in their debt to the foundation. She will have to get onto the big job of repairing the ruined northern Texas communities.

Lego Has Set its Sight on a New Market: Stressed out Elders

From Hospitals to Fire Stations, from booby-trapped caves to kitted out warriors, and Falcons to Death Stars is there anything you can’t make out of Lego?
Often, we associate Lego with children, a nice bonding activity between families, to proudly take pictures and post them when little James has built his big Lego plane ready to dock it in his expertly crafted airport.
Yet this hobby isn’t limited to just little James. Many older people are grabbing these sets with no children in sight!
It’s satisfying.
Whether it is the satisfying sound of the little plastic bricks as they slot into place, the act of following instructions number by number as we’ve been taught to our entire life or the feeling of accomplishing something big at the end of a large-scale build. There is something inherently attractive about Legos. It can often be difficult to celebrate the little victories in life when in the real-world whenever a task is completed we immediately move onto the next, Lego has a very clear start and end point meaning that we can take a moment to enjoy the process and the result.

It’s therapeutic.
In a world so filled with non-stop madness, non-stop challenges and non-stop work, new crazes to help combat these come and go, like meditation, Yoga etc. Joining this band of stress-relievers is Lego. It’s easy when reading and following the nicely represented instructions to switch off, to ignore the outside world for 5 minutes to 5 hours building and crafting. Your breath deepening and your heart rate slowing as you construct a car, or a city.

If you want to join this new breed of builders, you can find reviews and many sets to buy at Stonefoot.

My Husband is a Soppy Beta Male and Why I love him for it

When I was younger I was presented with an idea of my future husband that I just couldn’t see myself pursuing. ‘You’ll have a nice strong man that will take care of you’ is what my mum would always say. I didn’t exactly want someone to be looking after me when I was an adult, but I thought that’s just how it is and that’s the normal dynamic that I should expect. So I spent years watching films and reading books, picturing my ideal man. A tall brooding alpha that only shows his emotions on special occasions and only for me, the kind of man that would work all day and then stare at me adoringly while I prepared him a fantastic meal… This isn’t what I really got.


My husband is not who I thought I would be spending my life with, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband certainly isn’t some over emasculated alpha that dominates every room that he walks in and I knew that on our first date when he asked me to call over the waitress because he was ‘too shy’. To any girl this may have been a bit of a turn off, but I really liked how he wasn’t so insecure that he had to put up a false bravado and make himself uncomfortable. It oddly felt like he was already being fully honest with me and I felt like his equal rather than some girl that he’s making a false persona for.


Dating him in general was completely different to any male experience I had ever had. He was a hopeless romantic and by our 3rd date he had made me this book, full of these quotes on love  that he had collected from some of his favourite books or songs. It was a bit messy and he used more glitter glue than any person would ever need to use, but I had never received anything so heartfelt in my entire life, I had become so accustomed to just receiving a box of chocolates or some flowers bought in a garage. This is what really made me love the soppy side of him, because it was also the side of him that made it clear how much he loved me.  What was even better about this side of him was that he was consistent. Usually even the alpha boys have a period of showering you with gifts and compliments, but this didn’t just disappear  when I was dating my husband and it has continued to be doing that he does even years into our marriage.


Our wedding day is what really stands out. Believe it or not we had to  postpone our ceremony for 40 minutes because he just would not stop sobbing when he saw me walking down the aisle in that dress. Anytime the priest tried to get him to say something he would have to start over or stop completely in between sobs. Again, I imagine other women wouldn’t enjoy their wedding ceremony being stopped because their husband was crying, but I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life. This isn’t even a rare thing, anytime he sees me in a slightly different light than what he’s used to he will well up and proclaim how good I look, what woman wouldn’t want that?


You should have seen him when we were planning to start a family, I’ve never met a man so involved. We would be falling asleep and I would get a little poke to the side of the face and he would tell me the new baby names he thought of and what nicknames could come with them. He even completely emptied his own office so that the baby could have a big nursery. He chose all of the wall paper trimmings, the furniture and even the ‘soft enough carpet’. He really went hands on, which I never expected from a husband. I always thought I would have someone who would begrudgingly help me assemble a cot after begging or drive to me to hospital appointments and sit in the car.  Throughout the entire process

I was glad that I didn’t have this emotionally detached alpha by my side, I had my lovely Soppy husband who did nothing  but support me wholeheartedly.


Recent Welding Breakthrough May Transform the Manufacturing Industry

We all have the image of welding our heads. People with a faceguard on with flaming equipment fixing metal together, a time-tested method. Yet as the earth keeps spinning, advancements are perpetually made in every walk of life including welding.

At Heriot-Watt University pieces of metal have been connected not by the conventional methods but instead with Lasers! This ultra-fast laser system has been successful with an array of different materials like glass and stainless steel, even straying into welding sapphire. Which is new!

How it works is basically little infra-red-light pulses along a designated path every pico-second (which is one-trillionth of a second)

The issue up until now has been the difficulty in welding materials of different properties. Think metal and glass. Glass can easily shatter at such high temperatures, previous to this discovery Glass and metal were usually glued together which as anyone can imagine isn’t as structurally sound as thing that are welded are, movement is also an issue due to the adhesives. Another downfall of using glues rather than any other method is outgassing, where the gasses are released limiting the life of the product.

A more detailed look at the process reveals that those involved placed the materials very close to each other and put intense beam on one spot about a few microns across (that is one millionth of a meter.)

This then creates a small lightning strike around which there is a melt region.

They then tested it at different temperatures to account for extreme circumstances and found that it was effective at both ends of the spectrum.

It’s not just welders affected by this leap-forward, but designers as well. As stated, it was hard to weld glass and metal together, meaning designer may have had to compromise and make changes to designs which now they won’t. It also gives far more places for designs to go in future, as they will have this equipment as their disposal.

It may only be at the end of the testing stages, but once this is widely available it will change how we look at welding forever and we’ll see some pretty unique welds done with it! Whether you want to look more into this, or more about current welding you can visit weldingmania and maybe soon you be using small lasers to craft your very own creations.

Man, in Calgary is Hated by Neighbors For Painting His Home Pink

Anger has rifled across a neighborhood in Calgary, where the residents have caused uproar towards a man that has painted his entire, on the outside and inside, pink. The residents, residing in an upper-middle class suburb just outside the city, got in touch with me to vent their disgust in how their neighbor could sabotage the look of the street.

Meghan Howard, one of the neighbors said of the house “it has ruined our whole street, our nice, lavish homes have been wholly ruined by this atrocity. We won the best neighborhood award in twenty nineteen and no chance are we defending our title now! We’re a proud community, taking pride in our appearance and lovely looking homes, but now it seems this gentleman wants to jeopardize this”.

In 2019, the street won the Calgary home fair, where different streets and neighborhoods are pitted together and judged by local decorators and architects. It was made by the local government to help residents take pride in cleanliness and to keep the streets presentable.

The newly painted house is completely bright pink on the outside and on the inside. It’s a sore sight for eyes most would consider. We contacted the owner of the house for an interview, since this has caused a lot of commotion for his neighbors. He agreed.

Asking why he done it, he said, albeit he wants to remain anonymous, “I hate this competition, it creates an elitist mentality and stops individuality, having to fit into a perfect box. I own this home, I can do what I like to it”, then when we arrived on why he thinks the neighbours have reacted so badly to the change in color of his home, he simply replied “everybody is so stuck up”.

Having spawned mass protests attacking his house, with the upper-middle class entourage chanting outside his house to repaint it to align with the rest of the houses, even the mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi made a statement, saying

“What started as a competition to allow residents of Calgary to take pride in their homes and their communities has turned into warfare. I’d like to remind everyone Calgary takes pride in our kindness and tight-nit community. Please stop the outrage”.

If you’re the man with the pink home, or if you’re looking to completely redecorate the outside and inside of your home, it’s better to get professional advice and decorators on the case, using the best materials and paint possible. InteriorPainter in Calgary can easily make a great job of this botched pink house and redecorate any inside rooms as well, you can get their range of services and advice following this link: https://www.interiorpainter.ca/new-construction-painting-in-calgary/. Don’t be hated by your neighbors because of a badly painted home, be loved by them with your beautiful décor, accent walls and eye-catching color palettes.

A Look at the First Bowling Alley in the USA and What’s Changed Since Then.

Bowling alleys are a popular worldwide leisure destination, this seemingly timeless activity has been around for a very long time and although the concept of the game remains the same there have been many changes to the bowling alleys themselves and the other activities or food and drink that is available at these alleys. The alleys themselves have obviously gone through drastic changes through the years in both appearance and safety, as the years have gone by the world has become more conscious about health and safety in all aspects of life so of course there have been changes made to the bowling alleys in this respect.


Knickerbocker Alleys – 1 January 1840  

The first indoor bowling alley was opened on the 1st January 1840 in New York, the very first bowling alley was a very simple place made solely for the purpose of playing the game, there was no food and drink being served and there definitely wasn’t an arcade much like the modern bowling alleys we all know and love. These bowling alleys were more of a competitive place that was generally male dominated, in terms of the interior design it was made predominantly with wood and unlike today’s bowling alleys the pins had to be reset manually by someone who worked there and the score was recorded by a referee.


Compared to the bowling alleys today which are reliant upon machinery to provide bowling balls, reset the pins, record the scores and even order drinks, the machinery did not exist in 1840 and so the game was taken a lot more seriously this could be down to the fact that there would have to be more effort put into the game and it was much more competitive. Bowling was played as a professional sport much like football nowadays. It was taken much more seriously in comparison to nowadays where we go bowling for celebrations, leisure and just general fun.


Modern Day Bowling.

Bowling has undergone drastic changes especially in recent years. Thanks to the advancements in technology the entertainment industry had evolved into something new this includes bowling. What was once a competitive sport is now a fun event for all the family, bowling alleys are much more inviting with interior design and huge arcades so there’s alot more fun to be had than just bowling which Is very different when compared to the bland wooden lanes that were once present.


Thanks to the new  technologies bowling has become much more relaxed when compared to the intensely competitive sport that it once was. Bowling she been made alot more fun as everything is done by machines, the pins are changed, the balls are replaced, you can even set yourself and you friends funny names on the virtual score-boards that are able to recognise the amount of pins that are knocked over on each round and record them to keep track. The convenience of bowling nowadays has made it a great opportunity to generate revenue with companies like aboutbowlingballs emerging within the industry.


Overall, like anything there has been vast changes between bowling as an industry and it has definitely become much more of a leisurely activity as opposed to being taken so seriously as a competitive sport. With new things constantly being discovered there has been many upgrades to the bowling alleys and the technology used to make bowling more relaxed. All of these upgrades have led to an increase in the popularity and the profit margins of the bowling industry, this has led to further upgrades and money being put into the upkeep of bowling alleys as there is money to be made in the industry.


In comparison to how things were in the past with the first ever USA bowling alley being such a bland and simple environment where the only thing you would go for was to bowl, we can see how the industry has developed over such a long period of time. We can also see how bored people can get and how for you to be successful in the industry you must constantly be on the lookout for new and enticing things that will attract visitors and maintain this multi million dollar industry.