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Mastering Overwatch 2: Unleash Your Full Potential with Professional Coaching

Mastering Overwatch 2: Unleash Your Full Potential with Professional Coaching

Every now and then a game is released that is so influential it changes the gaming landscape forever. Dark Souls lead to a sharp increase in difficult RPGs with intense boss fights being created. TF2 inspired a lot of team based shooters with distinct classes. And League of Legends turned the MOBA genre into a worldwide phenomenon.

In 2016 Blizzard turned their hand to creating their own multiplayer battle shooter game. Taking elements from TF2 and LoL, we were introduced to Overwatch. A MOBA like shooter with colorful characters all sporting a distinct range of abilities. Then, in 2022, Blizzard gave the game a huge overhaul in the form of Overwatch 2. Making the game free-to-play brought in a new wave of players. And it is currently one of the most popular games out there.

Overwatch has an active competitive scene. And it is no easy task to ascend up the ranks into Grandmaster status. But it isn’t impossible. Many people have been turning to professional Overwatch coaching to get an edge over the competition.

Overwatch 2 Coaching

Not many people know that you can get coaching for Overwatch 2 for a relatively low price. And it is well worth the investment if you have plans of ever going pro. But what exactly is Overwatch coaching?

The idea is simple. High ranked players, or sometimes even former pro players, offer their services to help train you and hone your abilities. Using all the tips and tricks they have learnt over their long gaming career, they can turn you into a master of Overwatch combat. But what exactly do they teach you?

Body And Mind

If you ask any professional gamer what the secret to success is they will often tell you the first step is done completely outside of the gaming world. It is all about diet and exercise. A pro gamer is an athlete like any other. Knowledge of the game can only take you so far. You are relying on your reaction speed and awareness more than anything else.

A poor diet and exercise regime will leave your mind dulled. Your reaction speeds won’t be as sharp as they could be. So a lot of these coaches will help you construct a new regime that will help you improve your physical well being, and in turn your mental abilities.

In Depth Statistics

To be a good player at Overwatch you need to know the abilities and movement patterns of every hero in the game. But to be a pro you need to know the data behind it all. Winning at Overwatch is as much a battle of numbers as it is skill.

Your coach will help you better learn all the finer details of things like damage values, percentages offered by buffs and debuffs, and the exact value of the characters movement speeds. All of this data might sound superfluous, but in the heart of battle it could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

For example, knowing how fast your hero is compared to the distance you need to travel to reenter the fight might allow you to better formulate a plan. Perhaps you need to instead fall back and regroup with your respawning team mates. Knowing the exact damage output compared to the opposition’s picks might help you better counter pick.

Map Awareness

Overwatch 2 has a huge variety of maps. And all of them are filled to the brim with shortcuts, flanking positions, and open areas for team combat. To truly master Overwatch you need to know all the maps inside and out. And your coach will help you with this.

They will help you better know what heroes are good for what maps. Because some maps are designed with certain characters in mind. Beyond that they will offer you advice for advanced positioning for every hero on said maps. Where are the best sniper spots? What is the best flanking route to catch the enemy team unaware? Does this support character work well within the space a certain map offers? All of this is stuff your coach will help you learn.

Team Training

If you are lucky enough to be part of an Overwatch team, these coaches can help you all work on your team work. Because a team is only as good as its communication. The coaches will help you learn how to do efficient callouts and do exercises so you can learn which team mates are better suited to what roles.

Retired NFL Players Who Sued What can be learned

The US appeals court has been found to have paid out over a billion dollars in compensation to NFL players as a result of concussion and the brain damage it caused. From 2016 when these figures were produced, a preventative programme has been put it place to help avoid injury during games, and in fact there has been a 29% decrease since last year.

With research ongoing into what would be the best course of action around sporting health and safety, there have been some major changes into sporting rules as a way to make the sporting industry safer for its players. Within NFL there have been alterations to the kick off rule, changes to the blindside blocks and lowering of the head rules, all of these changes have been made as a result of quality research into health and safety. There has also been work put into testing and the design of the helmets, and more emphasis has been placed on the training for both coaches and players.

By changing how NFL players and coaches are trained preventative measures can be put in place so that both parties know how to avoid injury but also know how to react should such a situation occur. Should the worst happen and a serious injury happens it is standard NFL procedure for the inflicted players to pass a designated exam to assess the extent of the injury. The tests are conducted in a pitch side tent and a small team will ask the player questions about the game. Factors the team will look out for include eye movement, speech and behavior. Should a player lose consciousness or display symptoms of confusion or loss of memory then they would be deemed unsuitable to play.