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This Local Photographer Discovered a Hidden Tomb

In local news there has been a huge discovery in our small town, a local photographer has stumbled across thousands of years old tomb on a walk near to the town center, it has not yet been disclosed as to what exactly lies in the tomb but the shocking discovery is welcome news for our little town. The tomb has caught the attention of many world news outlets with eager eyes waiting both in-person and online all over the world, to see what lies in the tomb that was made so long ago. The discovery happened at around seven PM last night by local photographer Andy George (22), he was walking on his usual route looking for picture opportunities for his blog when he saw the ground had been disturbed in the local park.


The Discovery

After closer inspection and after the authorities were called onto the scene, it was confirmed that this was an ancient tomb that could date back to the Egyptian period. After he realized that something was not right George proceeded to take pictures on his small travel camera, bought at http://www.compactclick.com/, to document his findings, not much could be seen from his images as he did the sensible thing and remained where he was and called in the authorities to investigate. Professionals on-site stated that this was the best thing to do in this situation and as the structural integrity of the tomb had not been confirmed it was definitely the safest response.


The site has been cordoned off for the protection of the public and the next steps are to send in probes to make sure the tomb is safe for entry, the professional staff on-site are taking every precaution before anyone is permitted entry to see what the tomb holds. There has been much speculation online in regards to what is actually in there, with many researchers suggesting that this could be an ancient Egyptian burial site, but this is yet to be confirmed. The tomb is sealed shut but pictures taken by drones have been released showing some kind of ancient markings, it has been suggested that these markings are in fact Egyptian hieroglyphics but again this is just speculation.


The Dig

It has not yet been confirmed when the on-site team will enter the tomb but rest assured everything is being done to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If the structural integrity testing brings back bad news the team will have to put measures into place to make the environment safe. It may be a frustrating wait but the news of what the tomb holds will be released eventually.  It is a big day for our small town and the discovery of this caliber is set to bring us into the world news. People have come from all over the country to see the tomb and with them, they bring a significant amount of revenue and tourism into our small community.


Thanks to the power of social media there are millions of people following this story, eagerly waiting to find out what or who lies inside the tomb. It could be a few more days before the on-site team breaches the tomb seal so you may have to wait a little longer, every necessary safety check and health risk is being considered to make sure entering the tomb is done with no risk to life. Without the hard work of the amazing risk assessment team and the archaeologists who are working tirelessly to find out all they can, none of this would be possible so I think it is safe to say that we owe them some gratitude.

Election Turmoil: All the Issues Being Ignored By the Candidates

It is election season in the United States, a tense time for everyone. But no election in history has been quite as tense as this one is set to be.

Three years ago the world watched in shock and awe as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Many claimed this was the death of the nation. Others saw it as a glorious rebirth. Whatever your opinions of the man, it definitely was unique. Someone without a political background challenging the system and winning in spectacular fashion.

But this election is perhaps more important than before. Trump is defending his presidency from Joe Biden and the democrats. The world is watching, wondering if the American people have grown tired of Trump and his antics.


The Debate

The first televised debate between Trump and Biden was a disaster. So bad that they are now changing the rules on how the debates will run. It is easy to see that Trump was the main instigator in the disturbances during the debate. But neither of the candidates acted like politicians running for president. More like children fighting on the playground.

And this is apt because there have been nearly hundreds of important and pressing issues that are being ignored by both political candidates. A true testament to how a two-party system helps no one.


Pest Problem

Chances are neither candidate will ever mention this issue. Or even give it a passing glance. But vacaville pest control companies have estimated that there is a displacement of millions upon millions of rodents due to the pandemic. Restaurant closures meant they swarmed elsewhere to find food. This has led to record rodent infestations in 2020.

But the economic crisis means the pest control companies cant afford to meet the demand. They simply don’t have the manpower or supplies. And the general public cant affords the luxury of pest control. This is an issue that needs to be handled at a governmental level.


Community Funding

So many different districts in America are woefully underfunded. Schools teeter on closure daily. People go hungry as their local stores are forced to shut. Public transport services stop working, forcing people to commute on foot or fork out for a car they cant afford.

All of these things have a knock-on effect. Levels of homelessness increase. As does crime and the death rate of a city. Yet the larger issues of the pandemic and Trump’s hatred of a fake militant group seem to dwarf the more pressing issues that are facing millions of Americans.

Some of the more well-known districts get a look in, but this is often symbolic of an electoral campaign. Once the vote is cast, chances are the lack of funding will continue.



It seems our planet is moving ever closing to a global ecological disaster. Yet neither candidate is talking on the subject in any great depth. Trump dismisses it all as a hoax. And Biden is too focused on countering Trump to realize we are balancing on a knifes edge.

America is one of the nations being hit hardest by the crisis. Wildfires across California spread so easily due to arid landscapes and dry leaves. Constant storms and tornado warnings are in effect. Snowstorms shut down entire cities while others bake in sweltering heats.


There are too many ignored issues to go through them all here. But if you are concerned with the lack of attention the candidates are giving to certain issues, make sure you write to your state senator. Email, call, write in. And more importantly than anything, make sure you register to vote.

The Northern United States Is Set for Record Snow Storms

With temperatures dropping up and down the country it is no surprise that the North of America is set to see some of the worst snowstorms to ever be recorded. Local authorities are issuing safety warnings to some of the most at-risk states, with orders to remain indoors unless travel is completely necessary. The situation is very intense with fleets of government trawlers being put to the streets to clear some the roads and help people get to where they need to go, although only essential travel has been advised many residents have been seen venturing out to local supermarkets to stock up on essentials and buy extra provisions to last them through the looming storms.


With official advice stating to remain in your homes as much as possible, you should only venture out in pairs to ensure your safety and limit traffic in stores. Official representatives from local supermarkets have stated to limit how many people visit their store, to be mindful of what you buy to ensure there is stock for everyone, and to be respectful to the staff who are still at work. The community spirit that has been shown is truly amazing with so many examples of selfless acts being shown all over the country. In these situations, it is nice to see how willing people are to help others.

Following the closure of many schools and workplaces due to the safety risk posed by the aggressive weather, many families who have the ability have chosen to leave their state to try and escape the weather. The North of America is set to be the most affected with other states only having a weather prediction for light snow, which is much safer and more manageable. However, there are many who remain in the danger zone who cannot escape out of state, for those people who are going to be left at their homes there are some safety guidelines available to ensure you and your families are not endangered.


Safety Advice


Travel in limited numbers and only where necessary to reduce traffic in stores and on the roads, although you definitely should not be venturing out alone official guidance has stated you should only travel in pairs where possible to limit the number of people who are exposed to the harsh conditions.


Checking on your neighbors is very important at this time, if you know of someone who lives alone you should check in on them and make sure they have everything they need. Not everyone is able to get out to the store and may not have family nearby to help. It is vital that communities come together to ensure everyone is safe and well during this daunting weather.


Use a weather application like snow predictor to keep up to date with the weather severity and any current weather warnings.


Make yourself a safety pack with essential equipment for damages against your home, first aid kit, backup power source, water, food, and medicine. If you are driving you should also make a safety pack for your vehicle for cases where your car stops working or you get stuck in the snow.


Although safety is vital in weather situations like this you should also prepare for spending a lot of time indoors, your mental health is just as important so you may wish to invest in some different kinds of entertainment especially if you have children. Things like board games, cooking, music, and DVDs are all great ways to keep you entertained during this period where you will have to stay inside.

How One Rescue Worker Went Above and Beyond After a Serious Landslide

In a dramatic and devastating landslide earlier this week one man restored our faith in humanity and went above and beyond to help others escape the wreckage. The landslide occurred as a result of the recent floods that damaged the earth on the side of the cliffs. Causing significant damage to the town below, many people found themselves trapped indoors due to the sheer amount of debris that came down the mountainside. At this time we are unsure of how many fatalities there have been or the number of injured, but if it wasn’t for the quick response of the rescue team I’m sure the numbers would have been much worse.


One rescue worker in particular displayed a high level of bravery and compassion as he fought for hours and hours without rest to help get members of the public out of the rubble. This worker could be seen throughout the night, fighting until the early hours to ensure everyone was saved. This local hero remains nameless as he hasn’t had a chance to stop and speak to our team due to his constant hard work on the scene of the catastrophic event. Although every worker on site did an incredible job at protecting the residents, one worker, in particular, did everything he could to save as many people from the destruction as possible, his valiant effort saved countless lives.


Early stages of the rescue

As news traveled that the devastating landslide had occurred the rescue team deployed almost immediately, the swift response allowed the situation to be controlled in a much more efficient manner and many lives were saved in the initial few hours. If it wasn’t for the rescue teams’ efficiency and bravery the death toll could have been so much more than it was. The landslide has caused a lot of damage and the small town may never be the same again. However, there are some positives to be found in this bleak situation, thanks to the help of the brave men and women who staged one of the biggest rescue missions to go down in history. The resilience showed by the recuse team needs to be emulated by the town’s resilience in order for them to bounce back and rebuild the community, with the help of such brave individuals this shouldn’t be too difficult and the town can return to some form of normality.


What’s in store for the future?

The future for the town may seem uncertain right now, what was once a quaint and picturesque town has now turned into a devastating abundance of destruction, it may look like normality is a long stretch away but the residents are already coming together to work on rebuilding their homes. With hard work and help from adjacent towns, the repairs should be done in record time. In recent images taken from the town builders and construction workers can be seen working on the foundations of a variety of the town’s central buildings. WElders have taken to the streets to help secure any dangerous areas and by ensuring they choose the right welding filter lens the buildings can be secured to allow more workers into the site and help get things back together.



Overall, this disastrous natural event has only proven how strong and brave the town and its many rescue volunteers are, with so many people coming forward to offer assistance and help with rebuilding the damaged areas of the town. None of this could be achieved if it wasn’t for the bravery and sense of community that has been displayed by so many.

Market Shock as Digital Board Games Dominate Video Games

If you went back in time and asked a group of market analysts if you should invest in video games or board games, they would have all said board games. Video games were an unknown and often unreliable quantity in their infancy.

But we have seen a video game revolution over the past ten years. They have moved from a side-line hobby to become a major part of our society and culture. They are considered an Olympic sport. They pack out live arenas for their tournaments.

Now, many investors flock to gaming companies. All hoping to be part of the next big title that will rake in massive returns on their investment. League of Legends. Halo. Fall Guys. All titles that are dominating the industry.


The decline of Board Games

With the rise of video games, sadly, we saw a steady decrease in the sale of board games. Traditional family games such as Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Jenga all faded into relative obscurity and were slowly replaced by couch co-op video games and online gaming sessions.

As people could connect with anyone around the world, the appeal of playing games with those in close proximity died out as quickly as it had risen.

Overall, sales of traditional board games dropped by a staggering 40% over five years. This is a huge loss for companies. In this time we also saw tabletop gaming slowly lose numbers, replaced by digital alternatives, and hobby board games became a small community of die-hard fans with little look-in from the general public.



The Turn-Around

So, with all this development in the video game world, most market analysts would tell you the safe investment would be traditional video games. But there has been a massive turnaround in the past year that has changed everything.

As video game design has become more accessible, we have seen a wide variety of games and game genres appear. And one of those genres is digital board games. While you could argue these are still video games, they fall into a subset category that both the market and gamers consider outside the norm.

And this was reflected in the lackluster sales. Until recently. In the past year sales of digital board games have increased steadily, reaching almost double what they were in the past five years. An impressive feat for any market.

And this increase would be impressive enough on its own. But it goes deeper than that. It seems that digital board games are overtaking the sales figures for the more traditional video games. This sort of market shift is indicative of a much larger progression towards a new societal norm.



The Board Game Re-Revolution

With board games moving into the digital landscape, there is more room for support websites and companies to branch into the field. We have already seen strategy guides and assistant websites such as scrabble go cheat come into the forefront of the gaming world.

With the ability to connect with anyone across the globe; families that have become separated or distant friends can sit down around a virtual game board and face off in a vicious round of hotel buying or placing down the biggest words possible.

Some market analysts worry this does mean the video game market is due for a crash as people stop playing. But we firmly believe that won’t be happening anytime soon. There is room enough for both mediums to exist side by side.

Four Airports Were Brought to a Standstill Due to Camera Drones

Gatwick Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, with only one runway having served 46.5 million passengers in 2019. With millions of flights and passengers booking to fly to or from Gatwick, it is imperative that operations run smoothly, as one small hitch can cause complete mayhem and hundreds of canceled flights. Thankfully, issues do not occur often however, one in particular that took place in 2018, will go down as one of the biggest disruptions at Gatwick in recent history.


The Incident

Between 19th-21st of December, a paramount time for traveling thanks to its proximity to Christmas, disaster struck when reports of drones being sighted near the airport’s runway came in. Subsequently, 140,000 passengers and 1,000 flights were affected, unable to go ahead due to the safety risk of possibly colliding with said drones. It has been left unsaid whether the incident was intentional, however, evidence indicates that it was indeed done to cause disruptions, as just when the airport was gearing up to reopen, another sighting was reported.


Soon after the incident, a couple living nearby to the airport were arrested and questioned for 36 hours in suspicion of flying the drones, however, they were released after having been found to be completely uninvolved. As of 2020, there have been no arrests regarding the incident, and the perpetrators remain unfound and in early 2019, a new law was brought into effect in the UK to make it illegal to fly drones within 5 kilometers of an airport, in the hopes of stopping this event ever reoccurring.


However, the UK is not the only country whose airports have been brought to a standstill due to camera drones, as three airports in Germany, New Jersey, and Dubai have also been affected in recent years, although at less of a loss as with the Gatwick incident. In January 2019, less than a month following the drones at Gatwick, all flights bound for Newark Liberty International Airport were halted due to a drone spotted flying nearby. The hold up did not last for long; however, it did cause many flights to be delayed and rerouted, with many being forced to circle the area whilst waiting for the all-clear.


As mentioned, similar incidents in Germany and Dubai have also taken place. On March 2nd, 2020, a drone sighting at Frankfurt Airport in Germany caused major disruption as flight operations were halted and supposedly 70 flights were either delayed or diverted to other, nearby airports. Fortunately for the airport staff and passengers, the delay did not last long, and the flights were able to return to the schedule. In contrast to the slightly longer delays caused by these incidents, Dubai International Airport was brought to a standstill in September 2019 for a total of 15 minutes. Although the airport was not closed for long, this and the other three incidents described here are examples of how hundreds of thousands of people can be affected by the misuse of camera drones.


A New Trend?

These incidents have only begun in recent years, due to the rise of camera drones being sold to the public. In 2015 alone, around a million were sold to civilians because, although they occasionally cause hassle for airport staff, when used correctly they are undeniably brilliant. Camera drones are lightweight and small enough to take pictures or videos in hard to get to locations, with the smallest camera drone comfortably fitting into the palm of your hand. With their ability to take such beautiful panoramic shots that are impossible to replicate with a normal camera, it is no wonder that their popularity has shot up.


What once was a military-grade product, used to carry out missions that were too dirty and dangerous for humans, has become a must-have gadget for technology lovers, explorers, and photographers alike. However, it must be reiterated that if you plan on purchasing a camera drone to test just how much you can push the limits of photography and videography, stay away from airports and airspaces. Not only are you saving yourself the jail time or money of a fine if caught, but you could save them time and money of those that have to deal with the repercussions of your actions.

Connecticut Has Been Voted one of the Cleanest States in America

Connecticut is truly one of the most fascinating and unique states in America, being home of the polaroid picture, hamburgers, the helicopter flight, and the first color television broadcast. It is a pioneer of some of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. But what has Connecticut turned its attention to in the 21st century? Staying clean. Staying clean isn’t a measly asset to have in 21st century America, there is a trash epidemic across the nation, bringing high CO2 levels, garbage on the streets and landfills filled. But how has Connecticut remained so clean?

Connecticut was voted one of the cleanest states in America, overtaking notoriously clean states such as Vermont and Colorado, the previous record holders in America, and even the World at one point. But why was it voted cleanest? Especially by people not from the state? It must have made a good impression on visitors.


How They Did It

Firstly, Connecticut’s clean air has been overseen by its own Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which has campaigned massively for the use of clean, green sources of energy by putting up wind farms, geothermal, and hydropower energy. Also encouraging its population to use solar panels. In cities like Stanford, you can barely tell you’re in a densely populated city because of the clean air. There have been hugely successful attempts to keep natural woods and animal habitats protected, not cut down or polluted, keeping a unique, clean, and appealing wildlife and wood territory. Cleanliness isn’t just what a street looks like, it also includes keeping the natural ecology and landscape in shape, clean and allow natural wildlife to flourish and maintain a good standard of living for the animals. Connecticut has also massively overhauled its recycling system to stop the overuse of landfills, modernizing it allowing for more trash to be recycled and quicker and is littered with modern, easy to use trash collection companies.


Everyone Pitching In

The state government can only do so much though and Connecticut’s cleanliness, more importantly, comes down to the attitudes of the people in Connecticut, with strong emphasis, advertised by the state government, to recycle, keep the streets clean by not littering, use solar panels when you can, respect wildlife and keep your homes clean. Connecticut’s outside might be clean, but a factor to take into consideration is the cleanliness of the typical Connecticut home. Connecticut residents are very house proud and keen to make a good impression on visitors from the state and wherever they come from. Albeit with emphasis on keeping wildlife sites clear of litter, much wildlife still ventures into gardens and homes, and some houses can get infected with pests such as rodents, ants, spiders, or even wasps. Of course, this is only natural. The best way for the typical Connecticut family to deal with these pests and the reason the state doesn’t have a pest epidemic is the use of family-run, local pest control companies, like yalepest.com, who keep records and form a personal relationship with their customers. Companies like this keep the typical family home in Connecticut clean, free of pests so the homes can be at their best, and when the odd adventurous wildlife critter, such as raccoons and opossums turn up for leftover scraps, they’ll deal with them safely and swiftly.

Connecticut was voted one of the cleanest states in America due to the attitudes of the state government and the people alike, as well as working alongside brilliant trash, energy and pest control companies that are local, creating a state spirit of cleanliness pride in the home, and out on the streets.

Wristband Company Gets Quantum Growth Due to Clever Facebook Advertising

Djanjo Wristbands, a wristband company based in California, have seen their profits almost double to $500,000 for the month of February after utilizing Fakebook advertising in a very smart way.

Shares in the relatively new wristband company beat expectations, with underlying replacement cost profits surging from $264,000 for the month of January to $500,000 for February.

This came after Django launched a Facebook advertising campaign which publicized the customizable nature of their wristbands.

However, Django Wristbands also used the advertising technique of retargeting for their advertising campaign. Retargeting is when you target users who have visited certain pages on your website and are more likely to buy the product when they see an advertisement.

Owen Saffidy, the chief marketing executive at Django, said: “You have to pick audience wisely. For example, we were showing ads of a big scale to high-customers who purchase regularly.”

“The trick is to target people who already have a connection to your business, as the familiarity will make them more likely to click on an advertisement to see what the offer is. If they have visited your business before, seeing another advertisement that is appealing is very likely to convert them to a buyer”

“People feel safer purchases the product if they feel they know the business, even if they’ve never bought anything before” he added.

However, others said that the success is because of multiple factors, not just the advertising techniques.

Gareth Matteo, who is a CEO at the company, stated that the success was also because of things like the quality of the wristbands and the extent of the customization, which also allows you to choose between customization styles. For example, you can choose to have your custom text printed, debossed, debossed color filled, embossed and embossed printed onto your wristband. Although others have argued that other companies already do this, such as SleekWristbands.com for example.

Django is now one of the leading manufacturers of customizable wristbands, with many charities and businesses now using their bracelets for everything for advertising to fundraising. Both Matteo and Saiffidy said that the believe Django will only go up from here now that the company has made a name for themselves on the national stage – only time will tell if this is the case.

My Husband is a Soppy Beta Male and Why I love him for it

When I was younger I was presented with an idea of my future husband that I just couldn’t see myself pursuing. ‘You’ll have a nice strong man that will take care of you’ is what my mum would always say. I didn’t exactly want someone to be looking after me when I was an adult, but I thought that’s just how it is and that’s the normal dynamic that I should expect. So I spent years watching films and reading books, picturing my ideal man. A tall brooding alpha that only shows his emotions on special occasions and only for me, the kind of man that would work all day and then stare at me adoringly while I prepared him a fantastic meal… This isn’t what I really got.


My husband is not who I thought I would be spending my life with, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband certainly isn’t some over emasculated alpha that dominates every room that he walks in and I knew that on our first date when he asked me to call over the waitress because he was ‘too shy’. To any girl this may have been a bit of a turn off, but I really liked how he wasn’t so insecure that he had to put up a false bravado and make himself uncomfortable. It oddly felt like he was already being fully honest with me and I felt like his equal rather than some girl that he’s making a false persona for.


Dating him in general was completely different to any male experience I had ever had. He was a hopeless romantic and by our 3rd date he had made me this book, full of these quotes on love  that he had collected from some of his favourite books or songs. It was a bit messy and he used more glitter glue than any person would ever need to use, but I had never received anything so heartfelt in my entire life, I had become so accustomed to just receiving a box of chocolates or some flowers bought in a garage. This is what really made me love the soppy side of him, because it was also the side of him that made it clear how much he loved me.  What was even better about this side of him was that he was consistent. Usually even the alpha boys have a period of showering you with gifts and compliments, but this didn’t just disappear  when I was dating my husband and it has continued to be doing that he does even years into our marriage.


Our wedding day is what really stands out. Believe it or not we had to  postpone our ceremony for 40 minutes because he just would not stop sobbing when he saw me walking down the aisle in that dress. Anytime the priest tried to get him to say something he would have to start over or stop completely in between sobs. Again, I imagine other women wouldn’t enjoy their wedding ceremony being stopped because their husband was crying, but I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life. This isn’t even a rare thing, anytime he sees me in a slightly different light than what he’s used to he will well up and proclaim how good I look, what woman wouldn’t want that?


You should have seen him when we were planning to start a family, I’ve never met a man so involved. We would be falling asleep and I would get a little poke to the side of the face and he would tell me the new baby names he thought of and what nicknames could come with them. He even completely emptied his own office so that the baby could have a big nursery. He chose all of the wall paper trimmings, the furniture and even the ‘soft enough carpet’. He really went hands on, which I never expected from a husband. I always thought I would have someone who would begrudgingly help me assemble a cot after begging or drive to me to hospital appointments and sit in the car.  Throughout the entire process

I was glad that I didn’t have this emotionally detached alpha by my side, I had my lovely Soppy husband who did nothing  but support me wholeheartedly.


Recent Welding Breakthrough May Transform the Manufacturing Industry

We all have the image of welding our heads. People with a faceguard on with flaming equipment fixing metal together, a time-tested method. Yet as the earth keeps spinning, advancements are perpetually made in every walk of life including welding.

At Heriot-Watt University pieces of metal have been connected not by the conventional methods but instead with Lasers! This ultra-fast laser system has been successful with an array of different materials like glass and stainless steel, even straying into welding sapphire. Which is new!

How it works is basically little infra-red-light pulses along a designated path every pico-second (which is one-trillionth of a second)

The issue up until now has been the difficulty in welding materials of different properties. Think metal and glass. Glass can easily shatter at such high temperatures, previous to this discovery Glass and metal were usually glued together which as anyone can imagine isn’t as structurally sound as thing that are welded are, movement is also an issue due to the adhesives. Another downfall of using glues rather than any other method is outgassing, where the gasses are released limiting the life of the product.

A more detailed look at the process reveals that those involved placed the materials very close to each other and put intense beam on one spot about a few microns across (that is one millionth of a meter.)

This then creates a small lightning strike around which there is a melt region.

They then tested it at different temperatures to account for extreme circumstances and found that it was effective at both ends of the spectrum.

It’s not just welders affected by this leap-forward, but designers as well. As stated, it was hard to weld glass and metal together, meaning designer may have had to compromise and make changes to designs which now they won’t. It also gives far more places for designs to go in future, as they will have this equipment as their disposal.

It may only be at the end of the testing stages, but once this is widely available it will change how we look at welding forever and we’ll see some pretty unique welds done with it! Whether you want to look more into this, or more about current welding you can visit weldingmania and maybe soon you be using small lasers to craft your very own creations.