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Hotels Around The World That Will Shock You

Breaking The Norm: Hotels Around The World That Will Shock You

When it comes to finding a quality hotel that you and your loved ones can enjoy on your trip you should look for something unique so that you can have an experience that you haven’t been lucky enough to have before. Where you are staying will have a big impact on the overall holiday so you shouldn’t be afraid of going for an option that is a bit pricier and unique in concept so that you have peace of mind that the holiday you are paying so much money for is not going to be a failure.

There are many hotels out there for you to choose from but if you are struggling to find the right accommodation for you then I would recommend that you choose the area you wish to stay in first so that you can find an accommodation option close to the area you are visiting. This article will be going over some of the most shocking hotels that you can find all over the world. As the industry is very competitive with everyone looking for the most innovative way to attract customers you should be able to find a place to stay that fits both your budget and requirements for the duration of your trip.

If you are someone who enjoys finding new and different things when you visit other parts of the world then some of the hotels on this list may be perfect for you and your loved ones to enjoy. One final recommendation when looking for hotels of this nature would have to be the importance of booking well in advance, it would be a big shame if you were to fall in love with a location only to find that they have no availability so make your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Beachfront Hotels

One shocking hotel that many people aim to get when going on holiday would have to be those overlooking the beach. It seems to be quite a luxurious requirement within the hotels you choose, but if you are paying plenty of money to go away you should at least have a gorgeous view to relax in front of. Many hotels offer the view as a part of the room classification so you could arrange your beach view well in advance of traveling to surprise your loved ones.

  • Giraffe Hotel

Another hotel that you will be shocked exists would be the famed giraffe hotel, this amazing rustic-style accommodation option is great for people of all ages as you have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with gorgeous animals like the giraffes. This hotel even offers the opportunity for you and your family to have breakfast with the amazing animals who just pop their heads in through the windows and join you for a spontaneous breakfast that you will never forget for as long as you live.

  • Amusement Park Accommodation

If you and your family are slight thrill-seekers then you may be interested in booking a little getaway to your favorite amusement park in your area, most of these attractions offer accommodation in an affordable package where everything you need is covered under a single price. Many of these shocking hotels are very unique with themed rooms to keep your children happy while you are away. It is so convenient to cut out the hours of travel to your amusement park and just wake up being able to go ride the amusements as soon as everyone is awake and ready.

  • Underwater Hotels

Underwater hotels are a pretty new development that you simply must give a go if you ever get the opportunity, especially for those in your family who are fans of aquatic life, imagine being able to book a room overlooking a huge aquarium. You can find a list of underwater hotels on vacay trends that would be perfect for family trips or even if you are looking to travel and relax alone with only the fish for company. Many people are not aware that these hotels exist so if you enjoy your experience don’t forget to share it with your loved ones to help spread the word.

  • Luxury Accommodation

Many people avoid splashing out on luxury accommodation and hotels so that there is more budget available for the rest of the trip, while this is sensible you may be limiting yourself in terms of the experiences that you get. The more luxurious hotels offer an experience rather than just a place to sleep so you may find that splashing out a little extra on your hotel could be the perfect way to help you relax and ensure that you have plenty of activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy while you are away.

  • Horror Hotel

If you are not afraid of ghosts and ghouls then you may be interested in some of the haunted horror hotels that you could visit in many parts of the world. As horror fans only grow in number more people are looking for a haunted option for their next holiday, if this sounds like something you are interested in then I would urge you to get it booked for an experience that you are unlikely to ever forget. This would be a great idea for any Halloween getaways you may be planning and would make the perfect surprise gift for any fear seekers in your life.

Why Are More People Using Cleaning Services Than Ever?

Why Are More People Using Cleaning Services Than Ever?

If you are someone that lives in Brampton, something that you may have noticed is that there has been a drastic increase in the number of people hiring professional cleaners. It seems that these days everyone has a cleaning company on speed dial, which may be confusing to some of you.

It is not just in Brampton where this is happening. The entire world is taking on mess and vowing to be much cleaner. This means that throughout the world there has been an increased popularity in professional cleaners being used, but why exactly are more people using cleaning services than ever?

The Pandemic

The obvious reason why a lot more people are choosing to use more cleaning services is due to the pandemic. The pandemic has completely changed the way the world works. For example, in the past, the rest of the world laughed at China for its use of masks, but now many of us are afraid to leave the house without them.

In the last two years, it feels like we have used more hand sanitizer than ever as everyone is just terrified of potentially catching the Corona Virus. People are constantly worried that they will be exposed to the virus and some people even went to the extent of deep cleaning any items that they bought from the store.

People are also worried that they can bring the virus into their home, which is scary if they have family members that may be vulnerable to the condition. This is why so many people are choosing to have their homes professionally cleaned, as many don’t believe that their supermarket cleaning products will provide the deep clean that is necessary for the protection of their family and loved ones.

If you are concerned that your house is not being thoroughly protected from the virus due to having an active and interactive lifestyle, then I would recommend that you visit Maid Bunch in Brampton, as they offer a constant house cleaning service that may fit your needs.

Returning to Work

As you may be aware, many of us spent the last year working from home due to the dangers associated with going to work, as you were constantly exposed to other people.

We are now allowed to return to work, which means that we can return to an environment that we are familiar with and even hang out with our work friends. Though it is exciting that we are allowed to return to work, there are some new regulations in place that make work a lot different to how it was a few years ago.

If you are back in the office, then you have likely noticed that there are much more cleaners in than there used to be. It feels as though there is a cleaner constantly in and out of the office, cleaning the surfaces.

Workplaces are under an obligation to ensure that the area is clean for the workers, as this will lower the chances of people being able to catch Covid.

We think that this should have been a practice a long time ago, as the office is the perfect place to catch whatever illness is spreading around.

Restaurants and Other Public Spaces Need Cleaning

As well as workspaces being available to enter, we can now go to restaurants and other public spaces. Restaurants and similar places constantly have people going in and out and there is absolutely no way of knowing whether or not these people have covid. To help fight the spread, public spaces are also implementing deep cleaning.


Has The Pandemic Made us More Romantic?

Has The Pandemic Made us More Romantic?

During the pandemic, we can all expect most relationships might go sour due to the demands of living the new normal and the stressors brought by the situation.

On the flip side, pandemic dating has become a trend resulting in some people finding unexpected love in times of COVID-19.

Virtual dates became the new norm in the hope of finding a potential romantic partner. The online world has definitely made dating a lot easier for people.

The question is…

Has the pandemic made people more romantic, or they’re just finding romance to ease their boredom while in quarantine?

Keep reading as you’re about to find out!

Is it possible to find romance during the pandemic?

As the pandemic goes on, more and more are feeling more anxious to find romance.

Even those who aren’t planning to marry soon are getting more anxious because the situation might make it harder to find an ideal romantic partner in the future.

The pandemic has obviously stopped people from doing a lot of things, including actual dating. However, the internet seems to be the place where you can temporarily find potential online romance.

Online dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble have gained many users since most of the world began lockdown.

Last March 2020, Tinder hit 3 million swipes in a day, which is by far its highest record.

That said, we can all assume that you can potentially find romance during the pandemic. In fact, many people are spending most of their time online, not only for work purposes but also in search of potential romance.

There are many ways to fulfill dating online through Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and other social media platforms where virtual dates can be done.

In other words, romance and dating are highly possible even during the pandemic when people are confined to their homes. And these are all thanks to technology and the internet!

How to be romantic even during a pandemic?

Whether you’ve been a couple for months or decades, it is essential to maintain the romance even during the pandemic.

In reality, it can be hard to stay romantic given the uncertainties brought by COVID-19. However, here are a few specific ways that could help keep the romance between you and your partner or special someone:

  • Make small gestures. Make gestures of love to show your fondness and appreciation. It can be sending sweet romantic love quotes for special one or taking some breaks in the middle of the day just to hug. Small gestures are kind and sweet, and it also shows your love towards your partner.
  • Always check in on your partner. Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. So, take time to ask your partner what they need from you during this time of uncertainty.
  • Get physical. Intimacy is essential as it keeps you more connected to your partner. Nope, it’s not always about sex. Other ways to be intimate with your partner include kissing, holding hands, and trading massages for at least five minutes.
  • Look back on the good old times. Reminisce together how you started and the good old memories that come with it. Perhaps snuggle on the couch while recalling heart-warming memories?
  • Spend quality time. Plan for a date night even if you’re staying in. Focus on talking about each other and not talking about the virus, fears, money, and other stressors.

Final Say on Has the Pandemic Made Us More Romantic

The pandemic has made everyone realize many things including the importance of spending time with loved ones and keeping the romance alive despite the virus scare.

One good thing about being in this challenging situation is that it has taught couples to strengthen their faith and keep the romance alive to survive together.

You should realize that even though we are facing a pandemic, romance is comfort. In that sense, you should always let your partner feel that you care deeply whatever the situation is.

Indeed, romance is vital in a relationship; and the pandemic has taught us all to become more romantic and appreciative no matter how challenging the present situation is!

The Most Ambitious Construction Projects Going Ahead Post Lockdown

Both during and after lockdown it seems that by having to spend so much time in our homes, many people within the US have chosen to take the opportunity to go ahead with renovations or redecorations to upgrade the spaces we have been spending so much time in recently. If you are looking to follow the masses and complete some form of construction or renovation on your home then I would urge you to visit the local home stores as there are some great sales right now and stock is definitely flying off the shelves.  

Extensions and Conservatories

As many people have been forced to increase the amount of time that they spend in their homes it makes total sense that so many people are trying to increase their spaces by adding an extension or conservatory to their homes. This can be a very big task so I wouldn’t do this without properly thinking it over and researching into any planning permission that may be needed to extend your home. Once you have set up the logistics and sourced a construction team to help build the extension the standard time period for how long a project like this will take is usually around a week depending on the scale of the project. An extension can be a great way to create an extra relaxation space within your home and after the year that many US citizens have had, I think it would be highly needed.  

Kitchen Remodels

 The kitchen is considered the heart of a home by many, the place where you create delicious meals every day for you and your loved ones is very important and it is essential that you have a nice space where you can cook up a storm. Many people have chosen to use their lockdown free time to remodel their kitchen and there are some great options available ready for installation within a day. 

Garden Landscaping

 Taking on a big garden reconstruction project seems to be one of the latest trends within the US, garden landscaping as an industry has seen a lot of revenue, and the number of bookings within many professional garden landscaping businesses has seen a huge increase. If you have a garden space that has been neglected over the whole pandemic period then it would be a great idea to look at landscapers in your area who can completely transform your space at a very good price. If your garden is a little worse for wear then don’t despair, sometimes after a good clean-up, you will be surprised at how nice your outdoor area can look. In the US we are lucky to have access to some amazing garden designers so if you want to remodel your garden you should definitely take a look.  

If you do not have a good flat area in your garden for creating a hosting space or patio then you may want to think about leveling an area of your garden using concrete. This is something that should definitely be done by a professional to ensure the job is done correctly, concrete work can go wrong very easily so if you do not have experience do not try it yourself.  

Complete House Redecoration

 After lockdown it can be very easy to feel dissatisfied with your home especially when you have been spending so much time within the confines of your home, you should not feel scared of completely redoing your home as it is a project that can be done gradually to coincide with your budget and personal life schedule.  

Election Turmoil: All the Issues Being Ignored By the Candidates

It is election season in the United States, a tense time for everyone. But no election in history has been quite as tense as this one is set to be.

Three years ago the world watched in shock and awe as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Many claimed this was the death of the nation. Others saw it as a glorious rebirth. Whatever your opinions of the man, it definitely was unique. Someone without a political background challenging the system and winning in spectacular fashion.

But this election is perhaps more important than before. Trump is defending his presidency from Joe Biden and the democrats. The world is watching, wondering if the American people have grown tired of Trump and his antics.


The Debate

The first televised debate between Trump and Biden was a disaster. So bad that they are now changing the rules on how the debates will run. It is easy to see that Trump was the main instigator in the disturbances during the debate. But neither of the candidates acted like politicians running for president. More like children fighting on the playground.

And this is apt because there have been nearly hundreds of important and pressing issues that are being ignored by both political candidates. A true testament to how a two-party system helps no one.


Pest Problem

Chances are neither candidate will ever mention this issue. Or even give it a passing glance. But vacaville pest control companies have estimated that there is a displacement of millions upon millions of rodents due to the pandemic. Restaurant closures meant they swarmed elsewhere to find food. This has led to record rodent infestations in 2020.

But the economic crisis means the pest control companies cant afford to meet the demand. They simply don’t have the manpower or supplies. And the general public cant affords the luxury of pest control. This is an issue that needs to be handled at a governmental level.


Community Funding

So many different districts in America are woefully underfunded. Schools teeter on closure daily. People go hungry as their local stores are forced to shut. Public transport services stop working, forcing people to commute on foot or fork out for a car they cant afford.

All of these things have a knock-on effect. Levels of homelessness increase. As does crime and the death rate of a city. Yet the larger issues of the pandemic and Trump’s hatred of a fake militant group seem to dwarf the more pressing issues that are facing millions of Americans.

Some of the more well-known districts get a look in, but this is often symbolic of an electoral campaign. Once the vote is cast, chances are the lack of funding will continue.



It seems our planet is moving ever closing to a global ecological disaster. Yet neither candidate is talking on the subject in any great depth. Trump dismisses it all as a hoax. And Biden is too focused on countering Trump to realize we are balancing on a knifes edge.

America is one of the nations being hit hardest by the crisis. Wildfires across California spread so easily due to arid landscapes and dry leaves. Constant storms and tornado warnings are in effect. Snowstorms shut down entire cities while others bake in sweltering heats.


There are too many ignored issues to go through them all here. But if you are concerned with the lack of attention the candidates are giving to certain issues, make sure you write to your state senator. Email, call, write in. And more importantly than anything, make sure you register to vote.

How One Rescue Worker Went Above and Beyond After a Serious Landslide

In a dramatic and devastating landslide earlier this week one man restored our faith in humanity and went above and beyond to help others escape the wreckage. The landslide occurred as a result of the recent floods that damaged the earth on the side of the cliffs. Causing significant damage to the town below, many people found themselves trapped indoors due to the sheer amount of debris that came down the mountainside. At this time we are unsure of how many fatalities there have been or the number of injured, but if it wasn’t for the quick response of the rescue team I’m sure the numbers would have been much worse.


One rescue worker in particular displayed a high level of bravery and compassion as he fought for hours and hours without rest to help get members of the public out of the rubble. This worker could be seen throughout the night, fighting until the early hours to ensure everyone was saved. This local hero remains nameless as he hasn’t had a chance to stop and speak to our team due to his constant hard work on the scene of the catastrophic event. Although every worker on site did an incredible job at protecting the residents, one worker, in particular, did everything he could to save as many people from the destruction as possible, his valiant effort saved countless lives.


Early stages of the rescue

As news traveled that the devastating landslide had occurred the rescue team deployed almost immediately, the swift response allowed the situation to be controlled in a much more efficient manner and many lives were saved in the initial few hours. If it wasn’t for the rescue teams’ efficiency and bravery the death toll could have been so much more than it was. The landslide has caused a lot of damage and the small town may never be the same again. However, there are some positives to be found in this bleak situation, thanks to the help of the brave men and women who staged one of the biggest rescue missions to go down in history. The resilience showed by the recuse team needs to be emulated by the town’s resilience in order for them to bounce back and rebuild the community, with the help of such brave individuals this shouldn’t be too difficult and the town can return to some form of normality.


What’s in store for the future?

The future for the town may seem uncertain right now, what was once a quaint and picturesque town has now turned into a devastating abundance of destruction, it may look like normality is a long stretch away but the residents are already coming together to work on rebuilding their homes. With hard work and help from adjacent towns, the repairs should be done in record time. In recent images taken from the town builders and construction workers can be seen working on the foundations of a variety of the town’s central buildings. WElders have taken to the streets to help secure any dangerous areas and by ensuring they choose the right welding filter lens the buildings can be secured to allow more workers into the site and help get things back together.



Overall, this disastrous natural event has only proven how strong and brave the town and its many rescue volunteers are, with so many people coming forward to offer assistance and help with rebuilding the damaged areas of the town. None of this could be achieved if it wasn’t for the bravery and sense of community that has been displayed by so many.

Connecticut Has Been Voted one of the Cleanest States in America

Connecticut is truly one of the most fascinating and unique states in America, being home of the polaroid picture, hamburgers, the helicopter flight, and the first color television broadcast. It is a pioneer of some of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. But what has Connecticut turned its attention to in the 21st century? Staying clean. Staying clean isn’t a measly asset to have in 21st century America, there is a trash epidemic across the nation, bringing high CO2 levels, garbage on the streets and landfills filled. But how has Connecticut remained so clean?

Connecticut was voted one of the cleanest states in America, overtaking notoriously clean states such as Vermont and Colorado, the previous record holders in America, and even the World at one point. But why was it voted cleanest? Especially by people not from the state? It must have made a good impression on visitors.


How They Did It

Firstly, Connecticut’s clean air has been overseen by its own Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which has campaigned massively for the use of clean, green sources of energy by putting up wind farms, geothermal, and hydropower energy. Also encouraging its population to use solar panels. In cities like Stanford, you can barely tell you’re in a densely populated city because of the clean air. There have been hugely successful attempts to keep natural woods and animal habitats protected, not cut down or polluted, keeping a unique, clean, and appealing wildlife and wood territory. Cleanliness isn’t just what a street looks like, it also includes keeping the natural ecology and landscape in shape, clean and allow natural wildlife to flourish and maintain a good standard of living for the animals. Connecticut has also massively overhauled its recycling system to stop the overuse of landfills, modernizing it allowing for more trash to be recycled and quicker and is littered with modern, easy to use trash collection companies.


Everyone Pitching In

The state government can only do so much though and Connecticut’s cleanliness, more importantly, comes down to the attitudes of the people in Connecticut, with strong emphasis, advertised by the state government, to recycle, keep the streets clean by not littering, use solar panels when you can, respect wildlife and keep your homes clean. Connecticut’s outside might be clean, but a factor to take into consideration is the cleanliness of the typical Connecticut home. Connecticut residents are very house proud and keen to make a good impression on visitors from the state and wherever they come from. Albeit with emphasis on keeping wildlife sites clear of litter, much wildlife still ventures into gardens and homes, and some houses can get infected with pests such as rodents, ants, spiders, or even wasps. Of course, this is only natural. The best way for the typical Connecticut family to deal with these pests and the reason the state doesn’t have a pest epidemic is the use of family-run, local pest control companies, like yalepest.com, who keep records and form a personal relationship with their customers. Companies like this keep the typical family home in Connecticut clean, free of pests so the homes can be at their best, and when the odd adventurous wildlife critter, such as raccoons and opossums turn up for leftover scraps, they’ll deal with them safely and swiftly.

Connecticut was voted one of the cleanest states in America due to the attitudes of the state government and the people alike, as well as working alongside brilliant trash, energy and pest control companies that are local, creating a state spirit of cleanliness pride in the home, and out on the streets.

Recent Welding Breakthrough May Transform the Manufacturing Industry

We all have the image of welding our heads. People with a faceguard on with flaming equipment fixing metal together, a time-tested method. Yet as the earth keeps spinning, advancements are perpetually made in every walk of life including welding.

At Heriot-Watt University pieces of metal have been connected not by the conventional methods but instead with Lasers! This ultra-fast laser system has been successful with an array of different materials like glass and stainless steel, even straying into welding sapphire. Which is new!

How it works is basically little infra-red-light pulses along a designated path every pico-second (which is one-trillionth of a second)

The issue up until now has been the difficulty in welding materials of different properties. Think metal and glass. Glass can easily shatter at such high temperatures, previous to this discovery Glass and metal were usually glued together which as anyone can imagine isn’t as structurally sound as thing that are welded are, movement is also an issue due to the adhesives. Another downfall of using glues rather than any other method is outgassing, where the gasses are released limiting the life of the product.

A more detailed look at the process reveals that those involved placed the materials very close to each other and put intense beam on one spot about a few microns across (that is one millionth of a meter.)

This then creates a small lightning strike around which there is a melt region.

They then tested it at different temperatures to account for extreme circumstances and found that it was effective at both ends of the spectrum.

It’s not just welders affected by this leap-forward, but designers as well. As stated, it was hard to weld glass and metal together, meaning designer may have had to compromise and make changes to designs which now they won’t. It also gives far more places for designs to go in future, as they will have this equipment as their disposal.

It may only be at the end of the testing stages, but once this is widely available it will change how we look at welding forever and we’ll see some pretty unique welds done with it! Whether you want to look more into this, or more about current welding you can visit weldingmania and maybe soon you be using small lasers to craft your very own creations.

Retired NFL Players Who Sued What can be learned

The US appeals court has been found to have paid out over a billion dollars in compensation to NFL players as a result of concussion and the brain damage it caused. From 2016 when these figures were produced, a preventative programme has been put it place to help avoid injury during games, and in fact there has been a 29% decrease since last year.

With research ongoing into what would be the best course of action around sporting health and safety, there have been some major changes into sporting rules as a way to make the sporting industry safer for its players. Within NFL there have been alterations to the kick off rule, changes to the blindside blocks and lowering of the head rules, all of these changes have been made as a result of quality research into health and safety. There has also been work put into testing and the design of the helmets, and more emphasis has been placed on the training for both coaches and players.

By changing how NFL players and coaches are trained preventative measures can be put in place so that both parties know how to avoid injury but also know how to react should such a situation occur. Should the worst happen and a serious injury happens it is standard NFL procedure for the inflicted players to pass a designated exam to assess the extent of the injury. The tests are conducted in a pitch side tent and a small team will ask the player questions about the game. Factors the team will look out for include eye movement, speech and behavior. Should a player lose consciousness or display symptoms of confusion or loss of memory then they would be deemed unsuitable to play.