What Small American Businesses Are Doing to Help the Environment

With the environment being in the worst condition that it has been in to date, people are finally starting to make small steps in the right direction to try and help the environment. On the forefront of this are local businesses that are doing whatever they can to do their bit.


One of the most important changes that small American businesses are making is completely abandoning plastic bags. Single use plastics are one of the major causes for environmental issues. Small businesses are instead offering paper bags that are biodegradable as well as woven long life bags. This trend of no longer selling plastic bags is quickly spreading and soon it will be unlikely that you will be able to purchase any single use bags while out shopping.

Another way in which small businesses are helping the environment is by thinking about their products packaging. Stores that sell food goods are now no longer individually wrapping fruits and veg, it is instead expected that the customer brings their own containers and bags to carry these. Jars have become a favourite among whole food buyers as you can throw them into your bag and fill them with plenty of nuts or berries.

A lot of small online businesses are also giving their helping hand. A local SEO Companyhas used their site to collect donations from those who want to help. These donations go straight to several different businesses, some focusing on deforestation and others on the funding of renewable energy sources.

A lot of companies are also installing solar panels to help run their energy demanding businesses, this is a fantastic way to try and reduce extensive energy consumption that is detrimental to the environment. It also saves them a bit of money on their energy bills.

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