This Local Photographer Discovered a Hidden Tomb

In local news there has been a huge discovery in our small town, a local photographer has stumbled across thousands of years old tomb on a walk near to the town center, it has not yet been disclosed as to what exactly lies in the tomb but the shocking discovery is welcome news for our little town. The tomb has caught the attention of many world news outlets with eager eyes waiting both in-person and online all over the world, to see what lies in the tomb that was made so long ago. The discovery happened at around seven PM last night by local photographer Andy George (22), he was walking on his usual route looking for picture opportunities for his blog when he saw the ground had been disturbed in the local park.


The Discovery

After closer inspection and after the authorities were called onto the scene, it was confirmed that this was an ancient tomb that could date back to the Egyptian period. After he realized that something was not right George proceeded to take pictures on his small travel camera, bought at, to document his findings, not much could be seen from his images as he did the sensible thing and remained where he was and called in the authorities to investigate. Professionals on-site stated that this was the best thing to do in this situation and as the structural integrity of the tomb had not been confirmed it was definitely the safest response.


The site has been cordoned off for the protection of the public and the next steps are to send in probes to make sure the tomb is safe for entry, the professional staff on-site are taking every precaution before anyone is permitted entry to see what the tomb holds. There has been much speculation online in regards to what is actually in there, with many researchers suggesting that this could be an ancient Egyptian burial site, but this is yet to be confirmed. The tomb is sealed shut but pictures taken by drones have been released showing some kind of ancient markings, it has been suggested that these markings are in fact Egyptian hieroglyphics but again this is just speculation.


The Dig

It has not yet been confirmed when the on-site team will enter the tomb but rest assured everything is being done to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If the structural integrity testing brings back bad news the team will have to put measures into place to make the environment safe. It may be a frustrating wait but the news of what the tomb holds will be released eventually.  It is a big day for our small town and the discovery of this caliber is set to bring us into the world news. People have come from all over the country to see the tomb and with them, they bring a significant amount of revenue and tourism into our small community.


Thanks to the power of social media there are millions of people following this story, eagerly waiting to find out what or who lies inside the tomb. It could be a few more days before the on-site team breaches the tomb seal so you may have to wait a little longer, every necessary safety check and health risk is being considered to make sure entering the tomb is done with no risk to life. Without the hard work of the amazing risk assessment team and the archaeologists who are working tirelessly to find out all they can, none of this would be possible so I think it is safe to say that we owe them some gratitude.

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