Meat Loaf to sue hotel after fall on stage

After an accident detailing falling off a stage Meatloaf is said to be suing the Hyatt hotel and Texas Frightmare Weekend because of their lack of care towards health and safety. The apparent hidden hazard leading to the incident has caused the star we all know and love to suffer from severe neck, collarbone and shoulder injuries. Meatloaf has not performed since the accident on account of his injuries in May 2019. He is suing the hotel chain because of their negligence to prepare for a “hidden hazard” leading to Meatloaf’s forty two days in hospital and physical therapy. The 72-year-old rock star, whose real name is Michael Lee Aday, filed a lawsuit Monday in Forth Worth, Texas against Texas Frightmare Weekend LLC and the Hyatt Corp, neither the convention organizers nor the hotel have publicly commented on the lawsuit


After a gross error in judgement the hotel is said to be in grave trouble causing harm to one of the worlds greatest performers and putting a stop to any scheduled shows for the foreseeable future. Fans have taken to social media to display their concerns and support for Meat Loaf as well as many fans upset at the cancelation of future shows as a result of the injuries. Details of the accident have been released showing that as he walked onto the stage, Meat Loaf, 72, “put his foot down on part of the curtain that had nothing beneath it,” the complaint states. As a result, Meat Loaf allegedly lost his footing as “there was no stage floor beneath his foot, his foot and leg went down into the air, causing him to fall off the stage, resulting in serious injuries.” We wish Meatloaf as speedy a recovery as possible and will keep you updated on any details regarding the case and Meat Loaf’s progress.

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