Market Shock as Digital Board Games Dominate Video Games

If you went back in time and asked a group of market analysts if you should invest in video games or board games, they would have all said board games. Video games were an unknown and often unreliable quantity in their infancy.

But we have seen a video game revolution over the past ten years. They have moved from a side-line hobby to become a major part of our society and culture. They are considered an Olympic sport. They pack out live arenas for their tournaments.

Now, many investors flock to gaming companies. All hoping to be part of the next big title that will rake in massive returns on their investment. League of Legends. Halo. Fall Guys. All titles that are dominating the industry.


The decline of Board Games

With the rise of video games, sadly, we saw a steady decrease in the sale of board games. Traditional family games such as Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Jenga all faded into relative obscurity and were slowly replaced by couch co-op video games and online gaming sessions.

As people could connect with anyone around the world, the appeal of playing games with those in close proximity died out as quickly as it had risen.

Overall, sales of traditional board games dropped by a staggering 40% over five years. This is a huge loss for companies. In this time we also saw tabletop gaming slowly lose numbers, replaced by digital alternatives, and hobby board games became a small community of die-hard fans with little look-in from the general public.



The Turn-Around

So, with all this development in the video game world, most market analysts would tell you the safe investment would be traditional video games. But there has been a massive turnaround in the past year that has changed everything.

As video game design has become more accessible, we have seen a wide variety of games and game genres appear. And one of those genres is digital board games. While you could argue these are still video games, they fall into a subset category that both the market and gamers consider outside the norm.

And this was reflected in the lackluster sales. Until recently. In the past year sales of digital board games have increased steadily, reaching almost double what they were in the past five years. An impressive feat for any market.

And this increase would be impressive enough on its own. But it goes deeper than that. It seems that digital board games are overtaking the sales figures for the more traditional video games. This sort of market shift is indicative of a much larger progression towards a new societal norm.



The Board Game Re-Revolution

With board games moving into the digital landscape, there is more room for support websites and companies to branch into the field. We have already seen strategy guides and assistant websites such as scrabble go cheat come into the forefront of the gaming world.

With the ability to connect with anyone across the globe; families that have become separated or distant friends can sit down around a virtual game board and face off in a vicious round of hotel buying or placing down the biggest words possible.

Some market analysts worry this does mean the video game market is due for a crash as people stop playing. But we firmly believe that won’t be happening anytime soon. There is room enough for both mediums to exist side by side.

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