Man, in Calgary is Hated by Neighbors For Painting His Home Pink

Anger has rifled across a neighborhood in Calgary, where the residents have caused uproar towards a man that has painted his entire, on the outside and inside, pink. The residents, residing in an upper-middle class suburb just outside the city, got in touch with me to vent their disgust in how their neighbor could sabotage the look of the street.

Meghan Howard, one of the neighbors said of the house “it has ruined our whole street, our nice, lavish homes have been wholly ruined by this atrocity. We won the best neighborhood award in twenty nineteen and no chance are we defending our title now! We’re a proud community, taking pride in our appearance and lovely looking homes, but now it seems this gentleman wants to jeopardize this”.

In 2019, the street won the Calgary home fair, where different streets and neighborhoods are pitted together and judged by local decorators and architects. It was made by the local government to help residents take pride in cleanliness and to keep the streets presentable.

The newly painted house is completely bright pink on the outside and on the inside. It’s a sore sight for eyes most would consider. We contacted the owner of the house for an interview, since this has caused a lot of commotion for his neighbors. He agreed.

Asking why he done it, he said, albeit he wants to remain anonymous, “I hate this competition, it creates an elitist mentality and stops individuality, having to fit into a perfect box. I own this home, I can do what I like to it”, then when we arrived on why he thinks the neighbours have reacted so badly to the change in color of his home, he simply replied “everybody is so stuck up”.

Having spawned mass protests attacking his house, with the upper-middle class entourage chanting outside his house to repaint it to align with the rest of the houses, even the mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi made a statement, saying

“What started as a competition to allow residents of Calgary to take pride in their homes and their communities has turned into warfare. I’d like to remind everyone Calgary takes pride in our kindness and tight-nit community. Please stop the outrage”.

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