Lego Has Set its Sight on a New Market: Stressed out Elders

From Hospitals to Fire Stations, from booby-trapped caves to kitted out warriors, and Falcons to Death Stars is there anything you can’t make out of Lego?
Often, we associate Lego with children, a nice bonding activity between families, to proudly take pictures and post them when little James has built his big Lego plane ready to dock it in his expertly crafted airport.
Yet this hobby isn’t limited to just little James. Many older people are grabbing these sets with no children in sight!
It’s satisfying.
Whether it is the satisfying sound of the little plastic bricks as they slot into place, the act of following instructions number by number as we’ve been taught to our entire life or the feeling of accomplishing something big at the end of a large-scale build. There is something inherently attractive about Legos. It can often be difficult to celebrate the little victories in life when in the real-world whenever a task is completed we immediately move onto the next, Lego has a very clear start and end point meaning that we can take a moment to enjoy the process and the result.

It’s therapeutic.
In a world so filled with non-stop madness, non-stop challenges and non-stop work, new crazes to help combat these come and go, like meditation, Yoga etc. Joining this band of stress-relievers is Lego. It’s easy when reading and following the nicely represented instructions to switch off, to ignore the outside world for 5 minutes to 5 hours building and crafting. Your breath deepening and your heart rate slowing as you construct a car, or a city.

If you want to join this new breed of builders, you can find reviews and many sets to buy at Stonefoot.

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