Has The Pandemic Made us More Romantic?

Has The Pandemic Made us More Romantic?

During the pandemic, we can all expect most relationships might go sour due to the demands of living the new normal and the stressors brought by the situation.

On the flip side, pandemic dating has become a trend resulting in some people finding unexpected love in times of COVID-19.

Virtual dates became the new norm in the hope of finding a potential romantic partner. The online world has definitely made dating a lot easier for people.

The question is…

Has the pandemic made people more romantic, or they’re just finding romance to ease their boredom while in quarantine?

Keep reading as you’re about to find out!

Is it possible to find romance during the pandemic?

As the pandemic goes on, more and more are feeling more anxious to find romance.

Even those who aren’t planning to marry soon are getting more anxious because the situation might make it harder to find an ideal romantic partner in the future.

The pandemic has obviously stopped people from doing a lot of things, including actual dating. However, the internet seems to be the place where you can temporarily find potential online romance.

Online dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble have gained many users since most of the world began lockdown.

Last March 2020, Tinder hit 3 million swipes in a day, which is by far its highest record.

That said, we can all assume that you can potentially find romance during the pandemic. In fact, many people are spending most of their time online, not only for work purposes but also in search of potential romance.

There are many ways to fulfill dating online through Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and other social media platforms where virtual dates can be done.

In other words, romance and dating are highly possible even during the pandemic when people are confined to their homes. And these are all thanks to technology and the internet!

How to be romantic even during a pandemic?

Whether you’ve been a couple for months or decades, it is essential to maintain the romance even during the pandemic.

In reality, it can be hard to stay romantic given the uncertainties brought by COVID-19. However, here are a few specific ways that could help keep the romance between you and your partner or special someone:

  • Make small gestures. Make gestures of love to show your fondness and appreciation. It can be sending sweet romantic love quotes for special one or taking some breaks in the middle of the day just to hug. Small gestures are kind and sweet, and it also shows your love towards your partner.
  • Always check in on your partner. Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. So, take time to ask your partner what they need from you during this time of uncertainty.
  • Get physical. Intimacy is essential as it keeps you more connected to your partner. Nope, it’s not always about sex. Other ways to be intimate with your partner include kissing, holding hands, and trading massages for at least five minutes.
  • Look back on the good old times. Reminisce together how you started and the good old memories that come with it. Perhaps snuggle on the couch while recalling heart-warming memories?
  • Spend quality time. Plan for a date night even if you’re staying in. Focus on talking about each other and not talking about the virus, fears, money, and other stressors.

Final Say on Has the Pandemic Made Us More Romantic

The pandemic has made everyone realize many things including the importance of spending time with loved ones and keeping the romance alive despite the virus scare.

One good thing about being in this challenging situation is that it has taught couples to strengthen their faith and keep the romance alive to survive together.

You should realize that even though we are facing a pandemic, romance is comfort. In that sense, you should always let your partner feel that you care deeply whatever the situation is.

Indeed, romance is vital in a relationship; and the pandemic has taught us all to become more romantic and appreciative no matter how challenging the present situation is!

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