Hampton’s International Urges Homeowners to Prepare for New Septic Tank Regulations

For those of us that can afford it, Septic tanks are becoming a popular alternative in areas with a poor drainage system.  They’re better for the environment than using the main sewage system  and they naturally filter waste into the soil from the tank’s underground position. But with any new popular home feature comes continuously evolving regulations, Septic tanks are no different and Hampton’s International urge homeowners to prepare for new regulations.


Septic tanks have been favored in recent years due to the lack of security that have come with aging sewer pipes.  There have been instances of raw sewage leaking out of the pipes into local areas. This has been known to contaminate local groundwater and so many have decided to use Septic tanks in order to not add to the potential issues.


These new regulations are being used to help Britain’s rivers and stream systems. Damage and pollution can happen if the treatment chemicals found in Septic Tanks seep into the water. This can be detrimental for the wildlife in the water and the naturally occurring vegetation. Septic tanks that are not maintained properly can also cause health issues to people living close to their drainage systems. In order to prevent this, Septic Tank owners are now required to incorporate a drainage field into their system. This is a differing solution rather than  simply draining the waste into ditches or smaller streams.  This means that the sewage will just seep into the soil and will receive further treatment.


One obstacle that comes with these new regulations is the issues that homeowners may face if their homes are on the market.  If you have not met the expectations of the new regulations then you are required to take your house off the market and add the additional drainage field. It would be recommended to have your Septic tank pumped in order to make adding the additional feature a lot easier, you can find more info online for which pumping method may be best for you.


One thing to take notice of is the potential costs that may come with the need to add the drainage field. There have been sales put into place as the government urges people to make these changes quickly so it is best to add the drainage field now as opposed to upgrading later on when it can be substantially more expensive.  The only issue is that the drainage systems are often private and if you are unable to afford these new changes then there is little that can be offered in terms of financial support, so it may be a good idea to find a local company that will set up a payment plan.


You have until the 1st of January to upgrade your Septic tank, after this you may have to deal with potential fines. Make sure to do your research before you upgrade your Septic tank system and see who in your local area may do the best job.

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