Election Turmoil: All the Issues Being Ignored By the Candidates

It is election season in the United States, a tense time for everyone. But no election in history has been quite as tense as this one is set to be.

Three years ago the world watched in shock and awe as Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Many claimed this was the death of the nation. Others saw it as a glorious rebirth. Whatever your opinions of the man, it definitely was unique. Someone without a political background challenging the system and winning in spectacular fashion.

But this election is perhaps more important than before. Trump is defending his presidency from Joe Biden and the democrats. The world is watching, wondering if the American people have grown tired of Trump and his antics.


The Debate

The first televised debate between Trump and Biden was a disaster. So bad that they are now changing the rules on how the debates will run. It is easy to see that Trump was the main instigator in the disturbances during the debate. But neither of the candidates acted like politicians running for president. More like children fighting on the playground.

And this is apt because there have been nearly hundreds of important and pressing issues that are being ignored by both political candidates. A true testament to how a two-party system helps no one.


Pest Problem

Chances are neither candidate will ever mention this issue. Or even give it a passing glance. But vacaville pest control companies have estimated that there is a displacement of millions upon millions of rodents due to the pandemic. Restaurant closures meant they swarmed elsewhere to find food. This has led to record rodent infestations in 2020.

But the economic crisis means the pest control companies cant afford to meet the demand. They simply don’t have the manpower or supplies. And the general public cant affords the luxury of pest control. This is an issue that needs to be handled at a governmental level.


Community Funding

So many different districts in America are woefully underfunded. Schools teeter on closure daily. People go hungry as their local stores are forced to shut. Public transport services stop working, forcing people to commute on foot or fork out for a car they cant afford.

All of these things have a knock-on effect. Levels of homelessness increase. As does crime and the death rate of a city. Yet the larger issues of the pandemic and Trump’s hatred of a fake militant group seem to dwarf the more pressing issues that are facing millions of Americans.

Some of the more well-known districts get a look in, but this is often symbolic of an electoral campaign. Once the vote is cast, chances are the lack of funding will continue.



It seems our planet is moving ever closing to a global ecological disaster. Yet neither candidate is talking on the subject in any great depth. Trump dismisses it all as a hoax. And Biden is too focused on countering Trump to realize we are balancing on a knifes edge.

America is one of the nations being hit hardest by the crisis. Wildfires across California spread so easily due to arid landscapes and dry leaves. Constant storms and tornado warnings are in effect. Snowstorms shut down entire cities while others bake in sweltering heats.


There are too many ignored issues to go through them all here. But if you are concerned with the lack of attention the candidates are giving to certain issues, make sure you write to your state senator. Email, call, write in. And more importantly than anything, make sure you register to vote.

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