Breaking The Norm: Hotels Around The World That Will Shock You

Hotels Around The World That Will Shock You

When it comes to finding a quality hotel that you and your loved ones can enjoy on your trip you should look for something unique so that you can have an experience that you haven’t been lucky enough to have before. Where you are staying will have a big impact on the overall holiday so you shouldn’t be afraid of going for an option that is a bit pricier and unique in concept so that you have peace of mind that the holiday you are paying so much money for is not going to be a failure.

There are many hotels out there for you to choose from but if you are struggling to find the right accommodation for you then I would recommend that you choose the area you wish to stay in first so that you can find an accommodation option close to the area you are visiting. This article will be going over some of the most shocking hotels that you can find all over the world. As the industry is very competitive with everyone looking for the most innovative way to attract customers you should be able to find a place to stay that fits both your budget and requirements for the duration of your trip.

If you are someone who enjoys finding new and different things when you visit other parts of the world then some of the hotels on this list may be perfect for you and your loved ones to enjoy. One final recommendation when looking for hotels of this nature would have to be the importance of booking well in advance, it would be a big shame if you were to fall in love with a location only to find that they have no availability so make your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Beachfront Hotels

One shocking hotel that many people aim to get when going on holiday would have to be those overlooking the beach. It seems to be quite a luxurious requirement within the hotels you choose, but if you are paying plenty of money to go away you should at least have a gorgeous view to relax in front of. Many hotels offer the view as a part of the room classification so you could arrange your beach view well in advance of traveling to surprise your loved ones.

  • Giraffe Hotel

Another hotel that you will be shocked exists would be the famed giraffe hotel, this amazing rustic-style accommodation option is great for people of all ages as you have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with gorgeous animals like the giraffes. This hotel even offers the opportunity for you and your family to have breakfast with the amazing animals who just pop their heads in through the windows and join you for a spontaneous breakfast that you will never forget for as long as you live.

  • Amusement Park Accommodation

If you and your family are slight thrill-seekers then you may be interested in booking a little getaway to your favorite amusement park in your area, most of these attractions offer accommodation in an affordable package where everything you need is covered under a single price. Many of these shocking hotels are very unique with themed rooms to keep your children happy while you are away. It is so convenient to cut out the hours of travel to your amusement park and just wake up being able to go ride the amusements as soon as everyone is awake and ready.

  • Underwater Hotels

Underwater hotels are a pretty new development that you simply must give a go if you ever get the opportunity, especially for those in your family who are fans of aquatic life, imagine being able to book a room overlooking a huge aquarium.

  • Luxury Accommodation

Many people avoid splashing out on luxury accommodation and hotels so that there is more budget available for the rest of the trip, while this is sensible you may be limiting yourself in terms of the experiences that you get. The more luxurious hotels offer an experience rather than just a place to sleep so you may find that splashing out a little extra on your hotel could be the perfect way to help you relax and ensure that you have plenty of activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy while you are away.

  • Horror Hotel

If you are not afraid of ghosts and ghouls then you may be interested in some of the haunted horror hotels that you could visit in many parts of the world. As horror fans only grow in number more people are looking for a haunted option for their next holiday, if this sounds like something you are interested in then I would urge you to get it booked for an experience that you are unlikely to ever forget. This would be a great idea for any Halloween getaways you may be planning and would make the perfect surprise gift for any fear seekers in your life.

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