A Baby is Born After Womb Transplant

Following a life changing uterus transplant Jennifer Gobrecht has given birth to a baby boy, Benjamin is now the second baby in the US to be born thanks to these amazing developments in surgery and transplanting. New mum Jennifer was told at the age of seventeen she was infertile and unable to carry a child however since this time uterus transplant has developed to the point that it can be offered to women in similar situations to Jennifer allowing for them to live their dreams of becoming a parent. Doctors transplanted a deceased donor’s uterus and after an embryo transfer prospective parents wait eagerly to see if the procedure was a success.


In Jennifer’s case the transplant was successful and she found out that she was pregnant, both Jennifer and her partner were delighted at the news and nine months later their gorgeous son Benjamin was born by Caesarean section. Jennifer Gobrecht spoke to us about how important it was for her to experience the full journey to motherhood and how she wanted to have a child through the same means as everyone else. After the baby was born the transplanted uterus was removed and the Gobrechtes were left to enjoy the miracle of their baby boy.


These advances in uterus transplanting technologies allow for huge change to the lives of people who were told they would be unable to carry a child through natural means. By opening up this option parents are able to naturally go through the journey of being pregnant and have their child after nine months of carrying them. This breakthrough is extremely life changing for Jennifer and other women like her, allowing for a baby to be born naturally by a mother who was told she would otherwise have to consider options like adoption, surrogates or fostering, it really is an amazing breakthrough for those affected.

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