3500 Trees Will be Planted in Northern Texas After Tornado

After the disastrous northern Texas tornado of October 2019, the Texas tree foundation has announced their plans to plant 3500 new trees. This news has been popularly received by Dallas citizens and will definitely have those in the big business of tree surgery in Corpus Christi, Texas licking their lips ready to jump into action.

The tornado has been described as one of the worst in Texas history, as it cost the state nearly two billion dollars in damages. The storm was rated as an EF-3 storm by local meteorologists and had winds measured at nearly 140 miles per hour. An Ef-3 storm is the label given to storms that cause severe damage. Images from the affected towns show that the tornado actually managed to flip over cars, uproot trees and even snapped power lines. These snapped power lines left over one hundred thousand Texans without power. The Texas power companies were left completely unprepared for the storm and its damages leaving many citizens without power for a number of weeks.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson was quoted in a press conference as saying “Considering the path that the storm took — it went across a pretty densely populated part of our city — I think we should consider ourselves very fortunate that we did not lose any lives, no fatalities and no serious injuries in last night’s storm.” The storm caught meteorologists completely by surprise, and the fact there were no fatalities can only be seen as a minor miracle; due to the high winds and the extreme damages that was caused.

The local wildlife of Northern Texas was not as lucky unfortunately. By estimate Northern Texas has 142 species of animals including some of which are extremely rare. The damage caused to wildlife was heightened due to the unexpected nature of the tornado, local wildlife groups did not have enough time to react and save many of these poor animals. The death rate of the animals caught in the tornado is yet to be announced, but many fear they were not as lucky as the human civilians.

As I previously mentioned the Texas tree foundation is likely to work very close with local tree surgery businesses. This is due to the damaged nature of many trees that need to be replaced. They are currently stuck in the ground twisted and contorted. This will cause an unbelievable amount of damage to the local eco system if left to rot. Local tree surgeons will have to de root and cut the current dead trees and replace them with the Texas tree foundations new tree plants.

This swift response can only be seen as a great thing, and the foundation has been described as miracle workers. A local Dallas councilwoman stated that the foundation was `unbelievable` and the state of Texas was forever in their debt to the foundation. She will have to get onto the big job of repairing the ruined northern Texas communities.

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