‘Work To Modernize Liberia’ Students Urged


A United States-based Liberian educator has admonished graduates of the Richard M. Nixon Institute to work collectively for the modernization of Liberia.

Dr. John T. Wulu, Jr., Chairman of the John and Minnie Wulu School System in Liberia, told the graduates to prepare themselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally. He wants them to be masters of their own by recognizing the sources of their achievements.

He challenged the graduates to pursue higher education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, emphasizing that Liberia needs medical doctors, nurses, and technicians for its health care system as well as qualified professionals and educators to work in its educational system.

“The future of Liberia is intertwined with your future as graduates. As Liberians, make it your duty and/or responsibility to focus on building and/or re-building the infrastructure of Liberia. Liberians should give back to Liberia,” Wulu indicated.

Serving as guest speaker at the graduation of 34 students of the Richard M. Nixon Institute in Monrovia recently, Dr. Wulu told the students that as they prepare themselves, they should see the quality of early primary education as gold.

“Everyday matters in life. As you are being self-prepared, see the quality of early/primary education for all in Liberia as gold; see secondary education as the path to a brighter and a stabilizing future; and see higher education for all in Liberia as platinum,” Wulu stressed.

The Liberian educator also wants the students to be humble, responsible, respectful and be law-abiding in all that they do, adding “Don’t let any obstacles stop you, always find a way to go around it. And that’s what self-preparation does.”

He challenged the graduates to identify issues facing Liberia, and help by collaborating with the leaders to create and deploy practical and sustainable solutions.

“We all know that the issues are enormous and non-exhaustive; for example, to list a few issues, I would point out: the need for enhancing post office services with mail delivery to homes directly (identifying home address and location of the people in Liberia is important); improving sanitation/drainage system; refining transportation system (having more traffic lights for safety, improving roads and crosswalks for the sake of pedestrians and motorists); ensuring there is visibility of police to protect lives and properties; and availing electricity and clean water to the Liberian people,” Wulu pointed out.

He urged the 34 graduates of the Richard M. Nixon Institute to pursue higher education at the University of Liberia. “I am making available as of today in the presence of attending your graduation that I will be responsible for your registration fees, tuition payments, and costs for academic books and materials if you can enroll into the University of Liberia between now and the end of year 2020.”

Grand Gedeh County Senator G. Alphonso Gay, who also attended the graduation ceremony, encouraged the graduates to persevere and follow their dreams. He said he has come from parents who were poor farmers and today he serves as the senior senator of Grand Gedeh County.

He implored the graduates to see the keynote address by Dr. Wulu as guidance for motivation in their academic and professional pursuit.

Also making remarks at the occasion was Ambassador William Bull. He wants the graduates to remember that education is a treasure. Amb. Bull urged the students to work with the Liberian government in making Liberia the best country to live.

Dr. John T. Wulu, Jr. is currently the Chairman of the John and Minnie Wulu School System (JMWSS) and the John & Minnie Wulu (JMW) Legacy in Liberia. The School System is comprised of three schools including the Richard M. Nixon Institute (also known as the John Wulu High School) at Capitol Bye-Pass, the John Wulu Elementary School at WarWein, and the Minnie Wulu Elementary and Junior High School at St. Paul Bridge, Bushrod Island.

Dr. Wulu resides in the United States and works as Chief Statistician/Senior Mathematical Statistician/Senior Advisor at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC) in Washington, D.C. He has been working for the U.S. Federal Government in the United States for at least 18 years.

Dr. Wulu currently serves as Associate Professor (adjunct) of Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Maryland University College; and he serves as Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at the Montgomery College Department of Mathematics. He has had at least 30 years of teaching experience at universities and colleges in the United States of America, and in Liberia.