Weah Leads by Example . Cut Salary by 25% . Seeks $3billion for roads, Coastal Highway Construction


Delivering his first state of the nation address Monday in Monrovia President George Weah pledged to end the suffering of the country’s poor amidst hash economic difficulties via public spending on infrastructure projects such as roads and coastal highway that would cost his government US$3billion.

Weah told lawmakers the country’s economy has collapsed and pleaded with Liberians to make the sacrifice and that legislators should join him to cut salary and benefits.

In View of the rapid deteriorating situation of the economy I will reduce by salary and benefits by 25%. In the main time I will urge you to follow my lead in the interest of our constituents.

Revenue declined by 13% at end 2017 compared to 2015 from a high of $555.1 million to a low of US$ 489.1 million, the President with a disclaimer that he can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the figures in the absence of an audit opinion.

“The state of the economy that my administration has inherited leaves a lot to be done and to be desired. This is plain for all to see for we are all affected by it,” he said.

“Our economy is broken. Our government is broke. Our currency is in free fall. Inflation is raising, unemployment is at an unprecedented high and our foreign reserves is at an all-time-low.”