Weah Told Justice Minister-designate Unfit: Sources


President George has reportedly refused to withdraw Justice Minister Designate Cllr. Charles Gibson’s nomination despite public outcry over his ruined integrity, legislative sources told New Democrat Sunday.

President Weah was officially written before his departure to Ethiopia by Senate’s leadership to withdraw Cllr. Gibson’s nomination due to his corruption history, one insider said.

But the President has insisted on Cllr. Gibson taking on the rols as Attorney General and is expected to face the Senate Judiciary Committee today for his confirmation hearing.

The Minister designate license to practice law was suspended by the Supreme in February, 2017 for duping his client.
Senate Press Director Jarlawah A. Tonpo has confirmed the Senate will on today start confirmation hearings of Honorable Daniel D. Ziahngar, Minister of Defense-designate, Brigaded General, Prince C. Johnson, Chief of Staff-designate and Cllr. Charles H. Gibson Minister of Justice-designate respectively.
Writes Alex Yomah