GOL Risks Default Judgment in US$10.7M Case


The Commercial Court at the Temple of Justice says it may render default judgment against the Government of Liberia if it fails to show up in court for trial in a US$10.7million debt action filed by Prestige and Alliance Motors Corporation.

Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan of the Commercial Court sounded the warning when she issued a notice of assignment last week ordering the state to appear for the trial on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

“You are herby commanded to notify the Movant and respondent, parties in the above entitled cause of action to appear before the Commercial Court of Liberia, sitting in its December term, A.D. 2017 on Thursday, 14 December 2017 at the hour of 10:00 AM for trial,” said Chief Judge Morgan.

She added: “you are further commanded to notify the parties that upon failure on the part of any to appear in court on the date and time mentioned above judgment will be rendered against it by default.”

Alliance and Prestige Motors, representing an American and German auto dealer in Monrovia sued the Liberian Government for failing in the last nine years to pay for vehicles and spare parts taken on credit in 2003 and up to March 2008.

The two corporations are of the Haddad Group of Companies, owned and managed by Lebanese Businessman George E. Haddad who filed the debt action in 2014.

The Commercial Court first and last heard the case in 2015, and was shelved as state lawyers questioned the court’s authority whether it could preside over the matter.

Since the case resumed in 2017, the court has issued several notice of assignments for trial but the Government of Liberia upon receiving those assignments renege to attend the trial.