Amara Silent- On Email Linking President’s Son to Buying Extra Ballot Papers


Former Finance Minister Amara Mohammed Konneh has maintained silence on a damaging leaked email, in which he revealed that the son of the President – Robert purchased extra ballot papers outside the framework of the National Elections Commission to benefit their chosen candidate.

Robert is the speculated financier of the main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) presidential campaign with presumed backing from the President.

In the email dated August 16, 2017 Amara said another son of the President – Fumba arranged the transportation of the ballot papers into the Southeaster county of Sinoe and that the Chair of the National Elections Commission would conceal the information from the public.

“The serial batch set numbers for this order are different as compared to the ones for the rest of the country. Jerome will deal with obscuring that information from the public,” Konneh claimed in the leaked email.

For more than seven days since the email was published and Mr. Konneh contacted for comments, the ex Finance and Development Planning Minister has opted to remain silent.

Legal challenge from the ruling Unity Party and the opposition Liberty Party delayed the 2017 presidential runoff election. The parties complained fraud and irregularities were widespread during the polls.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf interfered with the elections and had inappropriate meeting with NEC commissioners and magistrates, the Unity Party said, prompting the President to dismiss the allegation.

Although the Supreme Court of Liberia has ruled that evidence presented by contesting political parties lacks sufficient basis for annulling the elections, leaked emails this paper has seen suggest there were large scale meddling that may have impacted the results.

It is not clear if independent inquiry will be commissioned into the apparent criminal interference with the votes.