Vote Meddling – Amara Konneh Contacted, Convicted US Drug Lord to Transport Extra Ballot Papers


Troubling revelation continues to unfold regarding roles played by well-connected people aimed at
influencing the outcome of the Oct. 10 presidential and legislative elections.

Although the Supreme Court of Liberia has ruled that evidence presented by contesting political
parties lacks sufficient basis for annulling the elections, leaked emails this paper has seen
suggest there were large scale meddling that may have impacted the results.

It is not clear if independent inquiry will be commissioned into the apparent criminal interference
with the votes but the leaks are pointing to hands that may have changed the votes.

A 16, August, 2017 email from ex-Finance Minister Amara Konneh alleges that additional ballots were

purchased by a certain Rob and airlifted into the southeast to influence the result for a
presidential candidate they were supporting.

Konneh is not currently residing in Liberia and reaching him for comment was unlikely. He has not
responded to email inquiry from this paper.

Convicted US drug lord Leonard Kragness is the man that was contacted to airlift the extra ballot
papers into Sinoe County.

According to US’ court records Kragness, alias Sonny and other convicts participated in an

organization that, between 1976 and 1984, imported and distributed, and conspired to import and
distribute, substantial quantities of marijuana, cocaine, and methaqualone, or quaaludes.

They were tried jointly in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, and each was convicted of two or more of the crimes charged against him.