CG Tamba Wants Adequate & Smart Investment In LRA-Holds Talks With Visiting US Research Students


Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba has emphasized that domestic resource mobilization is a major pillar for any economic development in Liberia.

The Commissioner General says in order for the LRA to effectively and efficiently administer revenue mobilization in the country, there is a need for the Government to ensure appropriate and adequate smart investment.

The CG was speaking Wednesday (Dec 6) when Public Policy students from the College of Dartmouth in the United States visited the headquarters of the LRA and held talks with the Executive Management team of the Authority. The delegation includes 14 students and a professor.

The students who are conducting research in Liberia on the economic road map for development, selected the LRA as one of the institutions to form part of their research.

The students’ visit to Liberia is to conduct an empirical study in an effort to provide information for the purpose of crafting a roadmap for development.

In a meeting with CG Tamba and team, the delegation discussed wide range of issues and prospects on domestic resource mobilization in Liberia.

Key issues discussed ranged from voluntary tax compliance, reforming Liberia’s tax policy regime, and support to the LRA for enhancing tax administration efficiency, and possible ways to strengthen legitimate trade facilitation.

The economic development road map is expected to present policy options that could help bolster economic development.

Meanwhile the team expressed warm appreciation for the reception given by the LRA. The head of delegation Professor Charles Wheelan thanked the LRA and promised to share the findings from the study with the LRA to strengthen key departments in its transformation and modernization process.