Vote Rigging ‘Cover-up’


Leaked Emails Show Korkoya concealed Info NEC Database Was Hacked, Compromised 90 Days Before Elections

The New Democrat has come across what appears to be a chain of leaked emails between and amongst certain National Elections Commission’s database administrator and the Chairman Jerome Korkoya, detailing how the elections system was infiltrated, voter roll altered and compromised.

On July 28, 2017 a NEC IT technician only identified as Admin notified Chairman Korkoya that the elections database has been penetrated with ‘significant’ and troubling changes made to the final voter roster.

A strange operator only known as Administrator 2, hacked the system and added more than 62,000 names to the voters’ roll, the IT staff (Admin) informed Korkoya.

As indicated in the email, the NEC Chairman attributed the act to NEC’s local IT vendor and assured his staff that everything was okay.

The email:

Admin “Thanks for the clarity Chairman.
Is it possible that I meet with them to discuss this further and correct some of the issues? I believe these are intentional errors being made that could cause serious issues and problem for the voters and the entire process. Creating smaller files with the same name in the same directory of the root folder will confuse the system and will put out wrongful information once queries are made from registrants. Technically we do not need two live files in our database. We should have one file as a backup in case of any issues that may arise. Are you aware of the additional 62, 346 voters that were added to both files by Administrator2, yesterday at 4:23 PM. They were never part of the final excel numbers from the various counties. Also, who is Administrator 2?

Korkoya replied:
Thanks for bring this to my attention. Our local IT vendor is making additional adjustment to our system, to accommodate the SMS query and voters information platform that we will be rolling out soon.

NEC’s officials have dismissed the validity of the email with Executive Director Lamin Lighe terming it as fake. Fifteen in total, the emails will be released in full subsequently.