ALP Applauds Ellen For: Returning To NPFL Base


    The All Liberian Party (ALP) of Businessman Benoni Urey has congratulated President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for returning to the base of the erstwhile rebel National Patriotic Front of Liberia NPFL as ordered by ex President Charles Taylor.
    The party in a press release issued in Monrovia indicated that President Sirleaf’s decision to support the Coalition for Democratic Change is an indication of returning to the NPFL base.
    On January 28, Taylor, convicted for war crimes and serving sentence in the UK, placed a call to his supporters in Liberia, rallying them to: “Go back to the base and everything will be okay”. That base is the, according to the him is NPP (offshoot of the NPFL) that Weah now heads along with his Congress for Democratic Change and the Liberian People Democratic Party.
    “Whether you are my daughter, you are my son, or my sister; Charles G. Taylor can never ever turn his back on the NPP. The NPP grew out of the NPFL’s revolution that dethroned Samuel K Doe government. It is my blood and it will always be my life,” Taylor said.
    President Sirleaf told Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission that she gave Taylor US$10,000 as contribution to his rebellion. Ex warlord Prince Johnson of the NPFL who has joined the CDC also received US$10,000 from Johnson Sirleaf as war contribution according to the UK Guardian.
    “We wish to congratulate President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her adherence to the Command to Return to Base,” the ALP said in a Press statement.
    “We dismissed misinformation disseminated by the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) Minister Lens Eugene Nagbe indicating that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is not supporting the Coalition for Democratic Change,(CDC).
    ALP’s National Chairman, Theodore Momo, indicated that contrary to MICAT’s statement that President Sirleaf isn’t supporting CDC, she is traveling across West Africa, speaking with people and solicitation their support for Senator Weah presidency in Liberia.
    The ALP further notes that, over the twelve (12) years, since president Sirleaf assumed power, she continues to misinform the Liberian people and the international community about her role in the elections.
    “We want to caution Mrs. Sirleaf that, the remaining two months of her presidency, she should desist from misinforming the Liberians and the international folks on the political events in Liberia,”
    “We speak with confidence that madam Sirleaf supports the CDC, and for her, as president of this nation, to publicly issue this statement, contrary to its truth, revealed the depth of the problem in Liberia,” Chairman Momo said.
    The press release cautioned Minister Nagbe to note as a young man to choose between blind and selfish pursuits, or the firm advocacy of nationalism.
    ALP called on opposition parties and would-be partisans to desist from making threats.
    The party indicated that no one group has monopoly over the affairs of the Liberian people to trade threats.
    “We must all stand committed to the peace process. Indeed, going to war in Liberia is not an option. War is something that no patriotic Liberian would welcome. Therefore, we call on all political leaders to warn their partisans to desist from all this blood talk, and threat of killing. It does not augur well for Liberia’s reputation,” ALP noted.
    The party also called on president Sirleaf to repay the monies that were squandered at the Liberia Oil Company before her tenure expires January.
    “We want to remind the world that Madam Sirleaf took full responsibility for all monies that were stolen or misappropriated from NOCAL. Therefore, as she is about to end her tenure, it is imperative that she repay, or tell the Liberian people, when and how she will repay all stolen and misappropriated monies from NOCAL,”

    Alex Yomah