UP Presents ‘Fraud’ Evidence, 15 Witnesses Against NEC


    Senator Varney Sherman is at the heart of the bribery scandl

    The ruling Unity Party has announced that it has up to 15 witnesses and several documentary evidence to produce before the Chief Dispute Hearing Officer of NEC that could prove the party’s case of electoral fraud in the October 10, 2017 polls.
    This announcement was made at the ongoing hearing on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 by the Party’s lead lawyer Cllr. Varney Sherman. He stated: “we have up to 15 witnesses and several evidence line up for this hearing and this is the first one that has just come to testify. So, if we bring our witnesses and the Commission’s lawyers decide to spent the whole day in cross examining them than this hearing might take a very long time to end.”
    Unity Party national chairman Mr. Wilmot Paye is the first witness to take the stand. In his testimony, he spoke of massive irregularities that engulfed the just ended October 10, 2017 elections.
    Mr. Paye said discrepancies were found in the voter registration records for all the counties and without the publication of the final registration roll and the opportunity to challenge the information contained therein, the voter registration roll used by the NEC was prone to manipulation and fraud, and thereby removing all fairness and transparency from the entire voting process.
    “Even within my own county (Nimba) my name was never on the voters’ list where I initially registered to vote. My name was later written on a piece of sheet by the polling staff before I was allowed to vote. The polling staff upon allowing me to vote, promised to do a correction at a later date,” he testifiedd.
    Chairman Paye challenged NEC to produce the final voters registration roll. He pointed out that the voters roll given to them before the elections which was distributed to all political parties is not the same when compared to what has been posted on the NEC website.
    Mr. Paye has rested with his testimony on the witness stand and the investigative hearing is expected to continue today at 11: am.
    Writes P. Nas Mulbah