Peace & Stability Hinges on S/Court – Weah


    The leader of the main opposition Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC) said Monday in Monrovia that the country’s peace lies in the hands of the Supreme Court.
    Senator George Weah did not elaborate. The High Court is preparing to hear the opposition Liberty Party’s fraud and irregularities complaint. LP is asking the court to annul the October 10 elections and order rerun.
    The National Elections Commission has scheduled the runoff election for November 7, 2017 between the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Ruling Unity Party (UP).
    We like the ruling Unity party ahs urged the international community to ensure that outcome of the election reflect the will of Liberians.
    “The peace and stability of this country lies in the hands of the Honorable Supreme Court. The Liberians people are watching. The voice of the people is the voice of God and the will of the people must be respected,” Weah said.
    “We are calling on the international Community, ECOAWS to pay keen attention to the ongoing electoral process and ensure that the will of the Liberian people prevail.”
    “While it is true we are campaigning for the November 7, 2017 runoff 7 which is very constitutional, we must bear in minds that Liberia is our common interest”
    “We have gathered here today to mobilize our people to remain peaceful and bear in minds that we are going to the elections. As a political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) I have been the custodian of peace we all are enjoying today. And I will do all I can in my power to preserve the peace and stability of our dear country,” Senator assured Liberians.
    Weah said CDC stands ready to move throughout the length and birth of this country campaigning to ensure nothing but victory.
    “The voices of the masses must be heard this time. So I urge all Liberians to come out on November 7, 2017 to exercise their constitutional rights to vote. I say to you don’t be deceived nor be distracted by our distractors; we are going to the runoff elections” he said.
    The opposition Liberty Party has objected to the runoff elections claiming widespread fraud and irregularities marred the October 10 polls.
    By: Alex Yomah