I Did Not Interfere-Ellen Refutes Parties’ Claim


    Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf attends an Arab and African leaders summit meeting in Kuwait city on November 19, 2013. The summit aims at reviewing steps to promote economic ties between wealthy Gulf states and investment-thirsty Africa. AFP PHOTO/YASSER AL-ZAYYAT (Photo credit should read YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images)

    The office of the President said Monday that the allegations, which the Liberty Party, the All Liberian Party and the ruling Unity Party made against Johnson Sirleaf are, complete baseless and unfortunate.
    The parties’ chief charges as the President include intimidation and inducement of elections masgistrates.
    But presidential Press Secretary Jerelimark Piah delivering a special statement on behalf of the President termed the claims as hate speech intended to undermine the country’s peace.
    “These allegations fall in the category of “hate speech” and “inciting language” which should be condemned and disavowed by all peace-loving Liberians”, a statement from the office of the president said.
    Mr. Piah said allegations that the President is supporting the main opposition CDC in the elections are attempt by agent provocateurs to undermine Liberia’s democratic process.
    Piah: “We like to be specifically clear that at no time has President Sirleaf interfered in the process, outcome or results of the 2017 General and Presidential Elections. All meetings, interactions or exchanges between the Office of the President and the National Elections Commission were consistent with her constitutional role to ensure that the process was supported and such interactions were initiated at the request of the Commission and never held secretly but in the presence of others even on occasion with the presence of international representatives, who remain concern about Liberia’s progress,” the statement added.
    It added that President Sirleaf has met with the numerous domestic and international observation missions, as well as the various technical advisors working to support the National Elections Commission.
    Furthermore, the President reminds all parties of their signature to the Farmington River Declaration, which obliges all parties to pursue a peaceful judicial resolution to electoral disputes.
    The President calls on all parties to refrain from utterances and actions that have the propensity to incite people and undermine the peace and stability of the country before, during and after the conclusion of the 2017 electoral process.
    We encourage any and all political parties with evidence of any issues relating to the elections to present said evidence through the appropriate legal channels so that the issues may be adjudicated and, where necessary, our elections process can be improved.
    The President remains confident about the ability of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to carry out professional, credible and transparent elections that accurately reflect the will of the Liberian people and Liberia’s Judicial Branch to adequately, transparently, fairly and impartially adjudicate any dispute arising thereof.
    The facts must speak for themselves, and not be obscured by rumor, innuendo, fake news and false narratives.
    The office of the President takes this opportunity to remind all Liberians of the appeal made to them by President Sirleaf on the eve of the October 10 Elections and ask that you take it to heart as the presidential run-off approaches:
    1. Go to the polls peacefully, respecting every Liberian’s right to vote with dignity and pride. Embrace your neighbor, regardless of their political choice. The peace is for you to protect and preserve.
    2. Remember that you are an empowered people, the future of the country is in your hands. No one is entitled to your vote –not because of party, ethnicity, religion or tribal affiliation.
    3. All must respect the outcome of the election.
    Let’s continue to embrace democracy and make our country proud.