No Cheating-Korkoya Assures


    The National Elections Commission (NEC) said Wednesday in Monrovia that it has instituted adequate accountable measure to account for every ballot paper and to guarantee the integrity of the polls.
    NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome Korkoya urged Liberians including politicians not to be frightened with respect to media reports that the commission has planned to cheat in favor of a particular political party in the ensuring elections.
    “The Commission would like to reassure political parties, all stakeholders and voters that there is no question related to the integrity of the number of ballot papers being deployed. Printing contingency ballots are consistent with industry standard practice,” Cllr. Korkoya said.
    “Furthermore, there is full accountability mechanism in place to account for every single ballot paper. Every ballot that will be used, not used and spoiled will be fully accounted for in a transparent and consistent manner.”
    The elections body disclosed taking delivery of a shipment of electronics equipment from South Africa including photocopiers.
    “Electoral preparations remain on track,” Korkoya announced.
    “The final batch of ballot papers for the House of representatives is scheduled to arrive on today October 4, 2017. At that point all lection materials for these lections will be in Liberia.
    “I would like to thank the South African Government and people for this donation. I would also like to thank President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for the formal request to the Government of South Africa for this equipment on her recent official visit there.”
    By Alex Yomah