‘Great Man of Integrity’ -Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Backs Boakai for President


    With barely 12 days to elections day, United States President Donald Trump’s Spiritual confidante Paula White has endorsed Vice President Joseph Boakai to win the scheduled October 10, votes.
    Pastor White is Trump’s closest religious ally who led the Americans into prayer when he was inaugurated as the U.S. 45th President.
    The renowned televangelist described the ruling Unity Party’s presidential candidate as a dear friend to the United States of America who has been working with her to bring peace to the people of Liberia.
    “I believe in the leadership of Vice President Boakai and his ability to lead your nation with courage, with hope and with peace,” she said in a video message to Liberians released on Wednesday, September 27.
    “He and I share similar story of where we have come from and where we both are now. We both look back and never forget the people and most of all, our God.
    “On October 10 of this year the good people of Liberia will go to the polls to elect a candidate that will lead them into the time of restoration, peace and prosperity.
    “This election is important to the people of Liberia as it was to the people of the United States of America When John Adams took the office of President from his predecessor George Washington.
    “Vice President [Joseph] Boakai is a man of Stature and a great man of integrity. His faith in God will guide him into the coming years of leadership. Should the people of Liberia elect him on the 10 of October, I am praying for peace and prosperity for the nation of Liberia.”