Win or Lose CDC Assures Peaceful Elections


    Following its involvement in violent clashes in Nimba and Montserrado Countes with rival parties, the main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of Senator George Weah has vowed to remain peaceful regardless of winning or losing the October 10 votes.
    Senator Weah’s message to maintain peaceful elections was conveyed Tuesday by the party’s youth chairman Mr. Jefferson Koijee when he delivered fruits to a group of women who have praying on the Airfield for non- violence elections.
    “Ambassador Weah has sent us to represent him and he understands that you people are fasting for peace, especially for free, fair, peaceful, transparent and credible elections,” Koijee said.
    “We do not want your efforts here to be wasted and that is why Ambassador Weah has sent us to present to you one hundred pieces of white head tie symbolizing peace in the October elections.”
    The CDC has urged the National Elections Commission to conduct free, fair, transparent and credible elections to ensure that Liberia maintain the nearly 12th years of peace.
    Koijee: “Over the period of time we have clearly demonstrated that the CDC is peaceful under the distinct leadership of Ambassador Weah and the October elections will not be different.
    “Ambassador Weah promised [that] before you complete this process he will pay you visit so that you can pray for him so that this country can remain peaceful in these elections.”
    Responding to the gesture, the group coordinator, Bernice Freeman said: “All we want as mothers in this country is peace. We suffer too long for this peace. We want to sustain this peace because without peace, there is nothing we can do.”
    She said the group is gearing up to visit the elections commission to admonish the NEC to conduct peaceful elections. “You can make your political speeches don’t touch our peace,” she said.
    Writes Titus E. Dessie