Weah Silent On Taylor’s Influence


    The Presidential candidate of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Senator George Weah Friday addressed a news conference in Monrovia but opted not to speaker on reports regarding his association with the Taylor dynasty and the controlling role of former President’s allies in the party.
    The politician did not take questions from journalists. He however denied reports that if elected president, the CDC would break diplomatic ties with Mainland China and return Liberia to Taiwan as did under Charles Taylor.
    Taylor’s wife Jewel is deputy leader of the main opposition CDC and has told voters that the NPP’s agenda will be implemented upon electoral victory. The NPP stands credited for massive looting of state resources, bad governance and mass murder that occurred between 1997-2003, when it ruled Liberia with iron fist.
    Mr. Taylor played a horrific role in what would be dubbed the great African tragedies of the 1990’s alongside Sierra Leone’s Foday Sankoh, whose rebel movement would become best known for hacking off the arms and legs of civilians leaving over 50,000 dead, and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Laurent Kabila who was the central figure in a complex civil war that ultimately killed four million people.
    West African leaders, the European Union and the United States of America have expressed grave concern about Liberia’s future and the stability of the West African region based on the composition of the main opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), which is influenced and dominated by principal actors of former President Charles Taylor’s rebel National Patriotic Front.
    Weah: “In recent days, there is false propaganda circulating on social media and in the street corners that CDC is during business with Taiwan. The information is incorrect. We believe in the one China policy and are fully committed to it. During our leadership Liberia’s bilateral relationship with China will continue and even be strengthened,” he said.
    Weah condemned recent campaign violence involving his CDC and rival Liberty party in Sanniquellie, Nimba county and also in Montserrado County with Unity Party and reiterated his adherence to peaceful elections.
    “My campaign vehicles were prevented from using the public street in Sanniquellie on September 20, 2017 by supporters of the Liberty Party. Again, yesterday the CDC’s mobilization truck was attacked by some Unity partisans while campaigning in Red Light (Paynesville city).
    “ We need to refrain from all these acts of violence in the interest of peace and stability of our country. I ask all CDCians, well wishers and sympathizers to be peaceful during these elections period and avoid provocation.
    “I also asked all political parties to admonish their supporters to stop tearing down other political party campaign’s posters, and stop throwing stones at other parties during these elections period. We want to encourage all political party leaders to reaffirm their commitments to the Farmington accord. I would like to ask the government and the international partners to assure that political parties are equally protected during these elections process,” he said.