Boakai Can Win Without Ellen Senator Sherman Declares


    Senator Varney Sherman says vice president Joseph Boakai may win the October 10, elections with more than 60 percent without the support of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
    Speaking at the capitol, Senator Sherman said: “I cannot confirm or deny that President Sirleaf is supporting Joe Boakai.”
    “In 2014, she did not support me to become senator of Grand Cape Mount County and yet I won by more than 60 percent; so maybe the same thing might happen to Joe Boakai; he might win by more than 60%.”
    Sherman: “We stand a very good chance to win the October votes. There is a probability and very high probability that we might win on the first ballot.”
    “Our investigation shows that the popularity is there, the capacity is there so it is very likely that we might win first ballot.”
    He added that the party’s national chairman, Wilmot Paye is managing the activities of the ruling establishment as expected.
    Presidential spokesperson, Jerelimak Piah at press conference recently declared that vice president Joseph Boakai enjoys President Sirleaf’s confidence in these elections.
    He said president Sirleaf has told her regional counterparts that she supports her vice president in the election.
    Writes Titus E. Dessie