Seeking Imperial Presidency? Brumskine Rejects Devolution of Power, Superintendent, Chieftaincy elections


    Adebola Williams has told Brumskine’s aides he cannot make it

    Liberia will not conduct municipal and chieftaincy elections as constitutionally required should the opposition Liberty party win the scheduled October 10 votes.
    LP’s presidential candidate Cllr. Charles Brumskine says he does not support the devolution of power and that Liberia does not need the elections of chiefs and other local government officials.
    “Can our country afford the elections of superintendents and others officials now; we got 15 counties so if you were to elect the superintendents that mean you have to have 15 counties legislative bodies,” Brumskine said.
    The senate committee chairman on Internal Affairs, Thomas Grupee has been pushing for Article 56(B) of the constitution, which provides for the elections of local government officials include chiefs to be observed. He told the New Democrat on 21 June this year that elections for chiefs and other local government officials have been scheduled for March 2018.
    Aggrieved chiefs recently petitioned members of the senate to conduct election that will lead to the change of their current leadership headed by Chief Zanzan Kawa or organize an interim leadership to steer the affairs of the National Traditional Council while they await the full democratic process.
    Article 56 (B) of the constitution states there shall be elections of paramount, clan and town chiefs by the registered voters in their respective localities, to serve for a term of six years. They may be reelected and may be removed only by the president for proved misconduct. The legislature shall enact laws to provide for their qualifications as may be required.
    “Most Liberians when they talk about decentralization, what comes to minds is to elect superintendents; what Liberia needs now is decongestion as supposed to decentralization.” Brumskine said.
    He said when superintendents are elected they will not be accountable to the president. The Liberty Party presidential candidate added that the Liberian economy cannot afford such election.
    “The Liberty Party vision on which I run is based on four strategy pallor called the four Rs which is Reconciliation, Reform, Recovery and Rebuilding.”
    The Liberty party presidential candidate said his governmental structure does not believe in decentralization.
    Brumskine made the statement when he presented his political manifesto to the church at the centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia. Writes Titus E. Dessie