Candidates Reject Gay Rights, Accepts Polygamy


    Five of the 20 presidential candidates contesting the October elections have vowed to criminalized homosexuality in Liberia if elected.
    The rights for those practicing homosexuality has been a point of contention in Liberia and other sub Saharan Africa with international bodies pushing for government(s) to observe such rights.
    Liberty Party Charles Brumskine, MOVEE Dr. Miles Jones, ANC Alexander Cummings UPP MacDonald Wento and Independent presidential candidate, pastor Aloysius Kpadeh made the vow in Monrovia when the church cited them to present their political manifesto.
    The presidential candidates presenting their platforms to the church at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion said “gay practice will not be legally permissible in Liberia.
    MacDonald Wento of the United People’s Party said “The Bible must be our law. Liberia has forgotten the Bible. We will uphold the laws. Gay right [is] not part of my agenda.”
    The candidates also agreed to uphold the cultural practice of polygamy because such practice does not violate any law of Liberia.
    “As the president of this country, I will uphold the laws. I will swear to support and defend the constitution of Liberia. Homosexuality is a crime.” Brumskine said.
    The candidates also agreed not to push for Christianizing Liberia because the constitution provides for non religion dominance.
    Writes Titus E. Dessie