UP Enjoys Surging Support in Lofa


    In their multitude, Lofa County’s citizens turned out at a rally in the provincial capital Voinjama to demonstrate their commitment in helping the ruling Unity Party win the October 10 votes.
    UP’s presidential candidate and Vice President Joseph Boakai is a native of the northern country, which has a voting population of 167,555.
    Boakai to the people of Lofa they are nearing history.
    “Today, we have come to say to Lofa, THE BATTLE IS YOURS! Let not one vote scape you. One vote out of Lofa for any other presidential candidate will mean a less than a 100% decision,” he said.
    Veep Boakai: I bring you greetings from my Family, the Chairman, Standard Bearer Emeritus, Officials and Partisans of the great Unity Party.
    The Great People of Lofa, in 2005, we crisscrossed this great County and reached out to you and our citizens in other counties, asking them to vote for a great woman to become the first female President of Liberia and Africa. You believed in me and voted accordingly.
    In 2011, I came again and asked for continuity and, once again, you gave a resounding vote. You complained about many things that ultimately unfortunately did not happen, including your single most critical concern—the road from Gbarnga to Mendicorma.
    I could provide you a host of plausible excuses today, but as you know that is not my nature. Let me simply and humbly apologize and ask that we continue to believe that the time for it to happen is at hand. God willing it will begin soon.
    Today, I am not here to ask for anyone, nor even for myself. Instead, I am here to say to you, I have responded to your marching order you issued three years ago on May 22, 2015 in this very City of Voinjama. On that historic Friday at the County Hall, you, in an emphatic voice demanded that I stand up and run for the Presidency of this great nation.
    This nation, the people of Lofa have served with sincerity and commitment. This is the nation for which you have sacrificed with your sweat, and even many times with you blood. (We all remember the name NOKO).
    Today, I have come to you, as you can attest, as one who has lived all his life and held all positions of trust with distinction. I did all for your honor and respect. I did so to make your appeals to collaborations and friends easier. Today, you can proudly say, Lofa has produced the best candidate in this historic elections of 2017.
    Lofa, you are about to make a big history. Don’t let it slip away from you. Doing so will be your greatest misstep ever. Your friends and supporters are saying that the election yours to lose.
    The senators and members of the House say they are with you. The staff of the House and Senate say they are with you. Many more have hopped unto this unstoppable train. The people of Bong, Bomi, Gbarpolu, Margibi, Nimba, River Cess, Grand Cape Mount, and countless number of eminent citizens of this country all say they are with you. The Southeast is eager to come on board.
    Today, we have come to say to Lofa, THE BATTLE IS YOURS! Let not one vote scape you. One vote out of Lofa for any other presidential candidate will mean a less than a 100% decision.
    Thank you Lofa for appreciating those who have joined our fold. I assure them that the trust and goodwill will be rewarded so abundantly. The Unification Monument you so timely visited today illustrates your unifying spirit.
    Let us embrace all—from Mount Wologisi to the Putu Mountain; from Mount Bonkogida to Mount Nimba; from Cape Mount to Cape Palmas, from the Sarpo Forest to the hills of Clay Ashland. Let Unity reign in our land.
    Thank you, Lofa County, for your sustained confidence in me as conveyed n your historic decision of May 2015.
    May God bless Lofa! May God bless all of our FIFTEEN counties!
    May we all continue to enjoy peace!
    May this peace yield permanent prosperity for all!
    Let this Glorious Land of Liberty be ours forever.