Police Confirm Interpol Wants Bility in US$2.4 million ‘Crime’


    Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman has confirmed a New Democrat’s report that the International Police Organization (INTERPOL) issued an arrest warrant against Mr. Musa Hassan Bility for his extradition into the Federal Republic of Nigeria for investigation in connection with a US$2.4million alleged criminal transaction.
    He is being sued in Nigerian for “criminal breach of Trust, cheating and issuance of dud cheques in a multimillion dollar petroleum deal. Bility’s lawyers recently traveled to Nigeria to fight the lawsuit.
    “In response for NCB-Nigeria request for Mutual Corporation, the Liberia National Police has begun an investigation into allegation of fraud and the issuance of dud checks by Honorable Musa Bility,” the police chief said at a news conference in Monrovia Thursday.
    Coleman told reporters the Guarantee Trust Bank cannot look the alleged bad checks in its system and that it does not exist.
    “We are following the investigation with the clearing house at the Central Bank to see if there is any information surrounding those checks,” he said.
    But Mr. Bility according to Front Page Africa does not want the Central Bank of Liberia assist with the investigation.
    “GT Bank is the final place to know whether the check was cleared or not. Central Bank doesn’t manage individual accounts and accounts records.”
    “This is a case of blackmail of politics. I’m also taking legal actions for defamation and blackmail.”
    “I have a legitimate business relationship with this man. But to claim that I issued him checks that were returned is wicked and intended to defame and blackmail me,” Bility told FPA.
    The New Democrat Newspaper obtained judicial document from a count seated in the Abuja Federal Capital Territory confirming Liberty Party Campaign Manager Mr. Musa Hassan Bility is facing a US$2.4million criminal Case in Nigeria.
    These developments contrast Mr. Bility and his Liberty Party’s position that this paper’s publication is a “cowardly political gimmick calculated to besmirch him.”
    On April 13, 2017,Nigeria’s law enforcement authorities sought and obtained arrest warrant from the Abuja Magisterial Court to legally position “all police officers” to arrest Mr. Bility for investigation and prosecution in a case titled: Criminal Breach of Trust, Cheating, Fraudulent Conversion and Issuance of dud cheques. Senior Magistrate Mohammed T. Jibrin Kutigi signed the warrant under stamp and seal.
    Nigerian businessman Kunle Roberts has complained that in March 2012, his company Drake Alliance Oil Trading FZE reached an agreement with Bility’s Nexis Enterprise Inc. and Srimex Oil and Gas for the shipment of petroleum products for Bility’s companies in Liberia.
    Kunle said he delivered 9,671.496 metric tons but Bility and companies refused to pay US$2,450,000 (two million, four hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars), representing the total value of the supplied consignment.
    To settle his obligation with the Nigerian, Bility promised to be paying US$50,000 monthly until 2015. But when it was time to pay, Bility issued two bad checks totaling US$250,000 each.