In 2018: Tenured Appointees Could Become Millionaire


Several officials of the Johnson Sirleaf administration occupying tenure positions could instantly become millionaire should the new President deemed them unfit and sack them.
The Proposed Presidential Transitional Act of 2017 stipulates that tenured officer holders are untouchable and that their “unlawful” removal from office will require the new administration paying their salaries and benefits in one lump sum.
Part V (Section 3) of the bill states “tenured appointees should not be affected by this act and shall continue in their appointed positions until the end of their statutory appointment or may be removed in accordance with the Act creating the position. If a tenured appointee is unlawfully forced to resign his or her tenured position, he or she shall be entitled to full payment of salaries and benefits through the rest of the tenure payable in one lump sum.”
Tenured presidential appointees in Liberia are earning windfall salaries and benefits of 15 to US$30,000 per month.
One whistleblower divulged in 2015 that the Auditor General earns annually US$268,975.92, inclusive of monthly salary, housing allowance, fuel, scratch cards, Internet services, direct TV, and Vehicle; while the total annual compensations and benefits for the Deputy Auditor General for Administration was US$172,225.07.
For instance the current Auditor General and other officials with similar earnings would automatically become millionaire upon dismissal.