DEA Faces US$600K Lawsuit


The Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been sued in the Civil Law Court in Monrovia for over US$600,000 action of damages for wrong by a businessman identified as Emmanuel Innocent.
Mr. Innocent instituted the lawsuit in August 2017 thru his lawyer Arthur Johnson alleging that the Drugs Enforcement Agency through its agents Buster Jolon, Abraham Paye, and two other persons only identified as Vivian & Perry illegally entered his house and looted properties and monies.
Cllr. Johnson said the agents from DEA committed the act in July 12, 2017 in the Logan Town Community, Bushrod Island. “At about 4: am, the DEA led by agents Wolo, Buster Jolon, Abraham Paye, Vivian & Perry to be identified burst into the plaintiff’s (Mr. Innocent) apartment used an unreasonable force to gain entry. Mr. Innocent was restrained, handcuffed and kept on the floor while his items including phones, watches, passport, car key, ring and huge some of monies both local and foreign currencies were taken away.”
Cllr. Johnson stated that the defendants (DEA agents) broke into the house under the guise that they were searching for drugs but they didn’t present no search and seizure warrant to the house owner as should have been done.
Additionally, he said after taking the businessman’s properties and monies, the DEA officers planted into his home purported substance calling it drugs. This substance was concealed in the pockets and socks of some of the DEA officers and were thrown in the plaintiff’s home to falsely incriminate him for the so purpose of looting his properties.
“Wherefore in view of the foregoing, plaintiff request this court to adjudge the defendants liable and order them to pay specific damages in the amount of LD$350,000; Naira 47,000; US$600; one wrist watch valued US$85; one gold weeding ring cost US$2,400, among others,” he said.
“For general damages for demoralizing feature & stigma defendants had placed on the plaintiff thereby causing him serious embarrassment, inconveniences, degradation, mockery, shame, dishonor, emotional stress and mental anguish in the amount of US$500,000. And punitive damage the amount is US$100,000 in order to deter defendants from would be illegal, wrongful, criminal and unprofessional conduct.”

Writes P. Nas Mulbah