Wife Killer Arrested


The Liberia National Police has arrested 35-year-old Moses Pokba for allegedly shouting his wife Doris Nyah to death with a single barrel gun in the Cow Field Community of Bong County.
Suspect Pokba was arrested last week after two months of vagarious search by a team of officers from the Emergency Response Unit (ERU), Police Support Unit (PSU) and community dwellers.
Sam Collins Police spokesman told newsmen that Pokba is currently undergoing police preliminary investigation by the Crime Against Person Unit. He said the suspect is cooperating with the investigation.
Mr. Collins said suspect Pokba after killing his wife shot two other persons (hunters) who were assisting state security to go after him after he allegedly committed the crime.
“The two hunters were shot in the bush while they were pursuing the suspect and unfortunately one of them leg had to be amputated due to severity of the injury while the other is doing fine,” Mr. Collins stated.
Suspect Pokba admitted to killing his wife for an extra marital affairs.
Police Spokesman Collins: “we want to inform the public that those who are in the habit of committing crime and believe that they can go with impunity their days are number. There is no hiding place for any Liberian or any other national residing in the country that will commit crimes and believed that they can go with impunity. We will continue to go after people that commented crime within the confines of our country because it is our work to bring them to book.

Writes P. Nas Mulbah