Deceit & Betrayal Weah’s Multiple Foreign Citizenship Tints Loyalty to Country


    Opposition leader George Weah’s numerous nationalities demonstrates he does not have faith in the country he’s seeking to rule, a lead support group of the ruling Unity Party said Monday in the capital Monrovia.
    Unveiling what appears to be Weah’s American citizen passport, the National Movement to Support Boakai said the sitting Montserrado County Senator’s love for foreign citizen acquisition while at the same time claiming to be the solution to Liberia’s problems is a classic abuse of Liberians intellect and a show of dishonesty.
    The group said Weah is currently a holder of an American Passport issued to him in May 2013 and valid until 2023. In 2005, the opposition leader was linked to a French citizenship that nearly disqualified him from contesting the election.
    NAMBO’s National Secretary General Robert Kpadeh told reporters, Weah’s downplaying of Liberia citizenship is an act of disrespect to his supporters and disloyalty to his country of birth.
    Nobody in the CDC could comment on the matter, though contacted 24 hours before publication.
    Moncio Robert Kpadeh: “We are shocked and appalled that Senator George Weah, a presidential candidate for Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) is not a Liberian.
    “We have obtained tangible document indicating in clear terms that Senator Weah is an American citizen.
    “Weah who had presented himself the most politician who loves this country is carrying American passport.
    “Where is his loyalty to the State he claims to love? How can we trust someone as a senator and seeking the presidency of our country with divided allegiance?
    NAMBO described Weah’s American citizenship as a zenith of dishonesty. I think we should add immorality because when you lie to the people and present yourself as political leader that loves that country so well and want to move the country forward but then you sell your allegiance, it is immoral.
    “Our constitution forbids people who are not Liberian citizens to become president of our country. Because of this, we intend to do two things: one is to ask Senator Weah now to see reason since we have the facts that he is an American citizen, to resign as senator, and to immediately disengage from the presidential race because he is not qualified by law and morally he is not qualified.
    “I think he has misled his supporters and I also think he is dishonest to the people of Liberia.
    “I think this man doesn’t really represent the will and the aspirations of the Liberians people.
    “What is most disturbing is that this man will intend to abuse the intelligence of the Liberian people by carrying the American citizenship and American passport and want to be the president of Liberia.
    “How can you deceive these young people that are behind you on the daily basis.
    “I think this is no leadership. This is un-Liberian because we expect you to bring to the political debate honesty and fairness but here you are today carrying America passport.
    “We are calling now for his impeachment because our laws are very unequivocal on who become senator and representative and who becomes president. You must firstly be a Liberian citizen and he is not a Liberian citizen as far we concerned he is an American citizen.