LP’s Popularity Falls After CoC Ruling- Poll Shows


    The latest polls by the Liberian media and development enterprise, the Liberia Holding Consortium indicates the opposition Liberty Party declined after the Supreme Court nullified the National Elections Commission disqualification of its deputy leader.
    The full bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia on July 19, ruled that the vice standard bearers of Liberty Party and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) violated the Code of Conduct for government employees and public officials but unanimously reversed the rejection and disqualification of the aspirants on grounds that their breach of the law was not substantial enough to warrant the punishment given to them by the National Elections Commission (NEC).
    The Survey report: Public sentiments have been high against the Liberty Party – especially in the Code of Conduct trials of its Vice Presidential Candidate. Conventional discussions relate that Brumskine’s choice of Karnwea, in the face of widespread perceptions and misapprehension, was meant to use his influence within the judiciary to take advantage of technicalities in the law. This has – to an extent – affected the party’s popularity.
    To date, and given Liberia’s history of injustice, people do not believe strongly that there is a right to legal defense – irrespective of the magnitude of crime.
    This is further expressed where many in Liberian society think there should be punishment once a case o rape comes forth. This is a case of public perception as opposed to legal interpretations.