Losers and Winners: In Running Mate Decision


The Liberia Holding Consortium reports that during its recent polls Vice President Joseph Boakai’s choice of House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay as his running mate was captured.
“While Joe Boakai has resisted any claims that he is pursuing a country vs congau agenda, perceptions across the country insist that it is a driving call of his campaign,” the group said.
“The choice of Nuquay furthers that from the conventional knowledge that Nuquay has been the effective leader of the Peoples Unification Party (PUP), which is variously referred to as the Country (Kpelle) People Party. The leadership and candidacies say that in large measures.
“Absolutely, Nuquay’s selection provides some boost to the Boakai candidacy in the Bong, Margibi and Lofa belt. But nonetheless, this has given rise to displeasure from Nimba to Bassa and the southeastern part of the country. With this choice, people are apprehensive that the top leadership of the country is poised to be tilted to the western side of the country.
“Urey’s choice of a descendant of one of Nimba’s revolutionaries from the 1980s provides room for diverse opportunities for his ALP.
“There is also debate about the choice of Mills Jones’ choice of a clergyman as his running mate, in the face of the separation of church from state. This sparked a conversation which was short lived, more because of the threat of the Code of Conduct hooking Jones himself.”