Don’t Vote Failed Leaders – Candidate Smith Tells Voters


Montserrado County district # 13 representative candidate Wilmot Smith has called on voters throughout the country not to vote into power leaders who have failed the nation.
“We are going to elections when our teachers are not been paid well, health system is poor, education system is in mess, security sector weak, lack of job and infrastructures. These things are happening while our leaders make huge salaries. Today, they are coming to you and asking for your votes to be re-elected into office after failing to bring you the necessary developments while they were in officer but I encourage you not to vote for them because they are failed leaders,” Mr. Smith said.
Mr. Smith said almost all of the countries around the world have good conditions that are far better than Liberia. He noted that such conditions do not exist in those areas because of abundant resources but due to the leaders who have the will-power to change their countries and improve their people’s lives.
He stated that for the last decade leaders in the country have been very dishonest and wicked. “We have to change them and only Liberians can make Liberia better.”
He made these remarks over the weekend during the 25th graduation exercise of the Grace Assembly of God Mission High School in the Township of New Georgia.
He however called on the students not to be complacent as they leave the walls of high school. He said they should see their secondary education as a springboard on which they can aspire for college degrees and vocational education.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah