Boakai Remains My Choice -President Sirleaf


In the wake of media report and rumors that President Sirelaf is supporting the opposition bloc in the insuring elections, the president has declared that her backing for the vice president’s presidential bid remains unwavering.
“As of this point, Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai remains President Sirleaf’s choice for the Presidency realizing though that the actual power of determining who becomes President of Liberia from the October elections remain the sole responsibility of the Liberian people who will make the choice through their votes,” the Presidential Press Secretary told newsmen.
Addressing a news conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is now the seat of the presidency, Mr. Jerolinmek Matthew Piah said, the president’s support for Boakai has been supported in deeds and in actions.

“As it is customary among world leaders, President Sirleaf has informed all of her colleagues at the levels of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), African Union (AU), the United Nations and others institutions that she supports the Presidential bid of the Vice President. This has not changed” he added.
The press Secretary added: “In fact, the Vice President has already met a number of leaders on bilateral levels through the kind arrangements and intervention of President Sirleaf.”
He told the newsmen that on the president’s recent and final trip to the Extraordinary Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, she was accompanied by the son of the Vice for the purpose of being introduced to personalities of critical importance for bilateral and collaboration purposes.
He said the president has also cooperated with and supported the Vice President in making the critical decisions of choosing a Running mate and constituting a Campaign Committee.

“The President has further held consultative meeting with the named Campaign Manager of the Unity Party, Honorable Augustine K. Ngafuan to discuss the campaign of the party and other party-related matters” he said.
Remember that this is the first time in Liberia’s political history for a sitting leader to preside over an electoral process in which she is not a candidate. This means that she has an obligation to provide leadership even though she has a candidate that she supports.
He said when it comes to the issue of integrity; President Sirleaf stands by her integrity and those of her family members. Her integrity remains untainted and exemplary.
This he added is an open challenge to those who think otherwise because President Sirleaf has absolutely nothing to hide and seeks no protection from anyone because her records are just clear and clean. In short, President Sirleaf has done nothing wrong to warrant seeking protection from whoever takes over as President of Liberia following the elections.
“To those spreading the fake news about the President’s support to candidates other than Vice President Boakai, we call upon you to use the energy you have to gather the votes and make the case about the Vice President’s election instead of seeking to tear down and destroy the unity of the Unity Party and the relationship of the President and her Vice President,” he added.