Rural Liberia Gets Clean Water Supply


Plan International, in partnership with Coca-Cola, recently announced the handover of the Improving Access to Potable Water and Adequate Sanitation in Health Facilities in Rural Liberia project that provides access to clean water and adequate sanitation to over 1,700 individuals. The project promotes good sanitation and hygiene practices across four health facilities in the Salayea, Vezala, Sarkonedu, and Popolahun communities of Lofa County. By updating water and sanitation infrastructure, the project will significantly improve health services to the communities, as well as adjacent areas.
The Improving Access to Potable Water and Adequate Sanitation in Health Facilities in Rural Liberia project is being funded under Coca-Cola’s Bolstering Africa’s Resilience (BAR) and Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) programs which, respectively, are designed to create a holistic unified response to Ebola in Liberia, and provide over six million Africans with access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene by 2020. Seth Adu-Baah, Country Manager at the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company (LCCBC) noted, “The remote areas of Liberia where the BAR program operates were some of the most devastated regions when Ebola hit. LCCBC is working with our BAR partners to ensure that these communities are not left behind and instead are able to flourish as our nation recovers from this disaster.”
Project activities included the construction of four drilled wells powered by submersible pumps along with the provision and installation of a solar grid system, including back up batteries. Water reservoirs and supply lines were installed to provide constant potable water to the health facilities, including handwashing basins in delivery and emergency rooms. The project also rehabilitated existing sanitation facilities which will in turn drive their increased and safe use by community members.
Tarnue Karbbar, Senior Grants Project Manager at Plan International Liberia, addressed the communities at the project handover event, “There are over fifty health clinics in Lofa County, and four sites were chosen for this unique project, establishing a new standard for wells in Lofa County. It is important that the communities and administrators of these health clinics ensure proper management and maintenance of the facilities which will demonstrate that you value the money Coca-Cola has invested in the project and keep safe water flowing for many years.”
Francis Dunor, an official representative for the Lofa County Superintendent, explained, “It is with great happiness that the Office of the Superintendent of Lofa County extends thanks to Coca-Cola and Plan International for supplementing the government’s efforts in ensuring our health facilities in these four communities now have access to water. Access to water in these facilities improves sanitation and makes the work of our healthcare staff much easier.” Before the project, the health facilities in the communities chosen did not have a water supply, making deliveries for pregnant women difficult and unsanitary. Through the project, there is now access to safe water in the health facilities.