Ideas Will Win Elections Nuquay Replies ‘Jittering’ Opposition


The October, 2017 elections will be won on the basis of Ideas, the tested integrity of the competing candidates and their sincerity for a Liberia that will create opportunity for every citizen, the vice presidential candidate of the ruling Unity Party Said Tuesday in the capital Monrovia.
Emmanuel James Nuquay, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives said Liberians are gravitating towards Vice president Joseph Boakai because they see honesty in his message about a better Liberia and are proud of his selfless and humbled leadership.
“You cannot come to the political contest relying on threats, rudeness, and violence. The people will reject you,” he said.
“We want to conduct ourselves in the way, manner and form that the Liberian people will be convinced in the end that indeed young people can be reliable and dependable partner in governing our country.”
He said the opposition community that is aiming dig at his nomination has failed to evidentially prove the wrong he has committed as a two-term elected representative of his people and leader of the House.
Basely accusations that he has business ties with Lebanese merchants and that he paid for his selection, as running mate are all but comedy, Nuquay responded.
Nuquay: “This is laughable and regrettable. Firstly as I told you I never anticipated this [his naming as Boakai running mate]. I built the team [in the legislature], we worked together and printed our t-Shirts . If we have had interest in this [vice presidency] I would not have printed campaign materials in China. But this is politics and this is what people do. This is some of the reasons why people shy away from politics because they do not want their character to be smeared. What is been done is regrettable, because I see it as a classic disrespect to the selfless and dedicated servant, who has served our country diligently for more than 35 years. One who has lived an exemplary life for many young people to emulate.
“Ambassador joseph Boakai has never lived such life. It has been proven that he is corruption free, that’s why the whole country is gravitating towards him. One who prioritizes the interest of his people and a leader that the whole country is proud of.”
Regarding his contribution to the Boakai’s team, Nuquay said: I certainly bring a lot to the table. I bring teamwork. I bring team spirit; I bring result in terms of getting the job done. I bring that charisma.
In my county I have been able to build leadership team. I have been able to work with people to ensure that we direct the leadership of our county. I understand that one or two persons will have problem with me, but that’s normal and it’s because my political decisions have not favored some of them.
Politics being the game of the majority rule, I can rally the majority as demonstrated in my county. Besides my county, I have been able to rally leaders in the central region and beyond.
In my district I have been able to rally my self as a dominant political force to the extent that I have been able to produce leaders at county level. The political contest should be on the basis of ideas. It should not be the basis of rudeness.
You cannot come to the political contest relying on threats, rudeness, Insults and violence.
People know me to be humbled and respectful and developmental. Compared what they have said about me with the life I live and what I have done for my country and people. I am very tolerant. Politically, I have a very tick skin. People know me for that.
I have never been engaged in a business venture with Lebanese here in Liberia or in any part of the world. Besides, when you talk about government, it is collective: you have Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. As speaker, I have no authority to just run legislation through the House of Representatives.
There are opposition political parties here. They all have a say in the process of legislating laws. So, it is not a one-man show.
We are here to ensure the interest of our people is privatized. Nuquay is a man of development.