Rights Activist Wants War Criminals Prosecuted


A local rights activist has called on the government of Liberia and the international community to ensure that individuals who committed crimes against humanity during the country’s civil conflict are brought to justice.
The Co-Coordinator of the Regional Watch for Human Rights Cllr. Thompson Adebaryor made the statement Monday in Monrovia in commemoration of International Justice Day.
“We want Justice, Liberia has allowed the culture of impunity to be institutionalized and is affecting us as a country,” he said.
“Liberia went through 14 years civil conflict-to this point, not one has been brought to justice. Today, we are seeing some of these people who committed hideous crimes are ruling, while some still want to be in power.”
Adebaryor lamented it would be despicable for Liberia to celebrate International Justice Day when no justice is accorded its people.
“For 12 years [after the war] no justice, we are frustrated, Economic and political criminals are parading here and there, some are vying for elective positions, they must give account for justice,”
Cllr. Adebaryor admonished Liberians to reject people who supported war, killed innocent citizens who want to take part in the elections.
“Those war perpetrators are not qualified, for any type of democracy worldwide do not vote them for any elective positions”
Writes Alex Yomah