Cheers in Margibi For Boakai-Nuquay Team


It was a scene of joy and emotion in the city of Kakata, Margibi County, Saturday when a swarm of citizens from the county’s five electoral districts marched through the principle streets to welcome and endorse the candidature of vice president Joseph Boakai and Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay.
Margibi is the seventh of the 15 counties and the fourth vote-rich regions in Liberia that has endorsed vice president Boakai’s bid for scheduled October elections.
The unity party presidential nominee named Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay, a native of the county as his running mate.
Accepting the citizens’ petition, the vice president said: “We are not taking chances with new captain for 12th hours in the scheduled elections because the country has had enough; our people have had enough.”
Prior to choosing Nuquay, Boakai has enjoyed the confidence of 33 of 73 members of the House of Representaives and 20 of 30 senators at the Liberian Senate, pledging their commitment to ensure that he wins the October votes.
“We all know that we cannot live in a country that perpetually import food and calls itself a free country. We know that our education system is not the best and that our young people make efforts to make the best out of it; but they deserve more,” he said.
“The time is now for us to change the situation. The time is now for all of you the young people standing here to ensure that we believe in our country .
In a brief remark, Speaker Nuquay said: “The stage is now set for us to produce anther result; those who know me and trust me will see it happening.”
“The endorsement of the Nuquay Boakai ticket by citizens of the county speaks to the fact that you want your lives to be improved; you want your children to have the opportunities to be where we are or beyond.”
The unity party vice running mate told citizens that the ticket fells challenge by the endorsement and vowed to ensure that Margibi and the central region translate such support into votes on polling day.
“Ambassador Boakai has given us the opportunity that is once in a life time opportunity; this is a moment to rise and shine. This is the time for us to move swiftly for our people to uphold the Boakai-Nuquay ticket.”
There will be no excuse here after. There will be no opportunity here after if we fail to success on this mission; this mission is our life, this mission is our feature, let’s go for it because now is the time.” – Writes Titus E. Dessie