Africa Needs Boakai for President- South African Minister


A top official of the South African National Congress (ANC) has praised Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s statesmanship, saying Africa needs great men and women like him to improve and build the continent.
Dr. Edna Molewa, South Africa’s Minister of Water & Environment and Chairperson for International Relations of the ANC described the Vice President as a great and humbled leader whose leadership style is likened to Nelson Mandela, Dr. Kenneth Karunda and many other great leaders on the continent.
The South African made the statement Sunday in Monrovia when she delivered her keynote address at the launch of the book titled: “From Foya to the Capitol , which detailed the Vice President’s life history.
Dr. Molewa: “Africa needs great men and women like our vice president (Joseph Nyumah Boakai). Africa needs men and women who have the likes of papa Nelson Mandela, Dr. Kenneth Karunda and the list goes on and on.”
“We have the capabilities, we are among the richest continents in the world in terms of natural resources. We do have natural intelligence and capacities; and therefore let’s put our hands and heads together to ensure that we build this continent. Together let’s back the likes of our vice president Joseph N. Boakai.”
The South African Minister of Water & Environment Continuing further, praised Vice President Boakai for rising from a humbled and lowest beginning to a good leader who currently occupies the second highest office in the country.
Commenting on the launched of the book she said it is a great one that teaches great lessons about honestly, transparency, openness, importance of education, high work, dedication and perseverance among others.
She encouraged young people to read the book and take advantage of the great lesson it teaches.
Vice President Joseph Boakai in the response to the launched of the book said his book is a story that carries huge lessons for young people and “lessons that, I believe, can positively impact our direction as a nation. The revelations and message in this book will have passed the threshold of the success I anticipate, if the hard lessons of life, as revealed in the book, are grasped by the upcoming generation of young people.
“Our society is crying out loud for citizens with character, people who will surrender to rules and procedures, men and women who will opt to do the right thing, not relying on unsavory short cuts,” he stated.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf writing the forward of the book paid tribute to the praised Vice President, noting she has been blessed with Vice President Boakai who continues to work amicably and assiduously with her, and applaud him for services to his nation and his God during very difficult circumstances.
“Success in the workplace depends on strong, genuine, and effective work relationship. Success is assured when such relationships are deeply rooted in integrity, effective communication, mutual respect, and selfless determination to accomplish goals and objectives regardless of who claims credit. I selected Honorable Joseph Nyumah Boakai as my running mate because of these shared values,” the President noted.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah