Hate Messages Prevalent In Religious Community -Minister Togba


Internal Affairs Minister Dr. Henrique has warned the religious community to refrain from preaching hate messages that would endanger the country’s peace and stability.
He said based on his observation, some churches and mosques used their platforms to, instead of teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the prophet Mohammed,, preach messages that are unaccepted.
Minister Togba: “We certainly hope that the religious community will be actively involved in this peace-talk. For some of us who go to some of the churches, and mosques, we listen to our religious people instead of giving us spiritual guidance, sometimes give us messages that are somehow not accepted very well out there,” he said.
“We don’t want to be dragged down to the past of destruction and war.”
Dr. Togba made the remarks at the formal launch of the EU-funded Emergency Response Mechanism (Africa Peace Facility Project) Title: Emergency Support to preventive Diplomacy and related actions to ensure free, fair and Peaceful elections in Liberia.

Writes Alex Yomah