‘Suffering’ Chiefs Cry for Salary


Chiefs of Deygbor chiefdom in District #17 Montserrado County have expressed dissatisfaction for their exclusion from government’s payroll for the last nine years.
Chief Momo Kiazolu told Montserrado County senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif that chiefs from 22 clans across the county are serving without remunerations.
“Since I took my seat as Dey governor for Montserrado County, I have never spoken about my own pay but only the pay of the chiefs; because if I’m taking pay and they are not, I will never rest in peace in my office.” He said.
“We called you here today to tell you [that] our people are suffering. We are appealing to you because the cry of our people as you sit here is that they want to be on payroll.”
Chief Kiazolu told senator Doe-Sherif that the chiefs have been working in that part of Liberia for the last nine years and that it was time that they are included on government’s payroll.
“You know what it means for family man to work nine years without pay, it’s not an easy thing but they did it because of the love of this country and we trust that your leadership can make a speedy intervention.”
Responding to the quest of the chiefs, Senator Doe-Sherif vowed to work with the legislature and the relevant government agency to ensure that the chiefs plead yield result.
“We are not happy that you have worked without been on government payroll. This request has claimed our attention and I tell you, it’s long overdue,” she said.
“This is a fight that we are going to fight, using our brains by talking to everybody who is involved in this process to ensure that our people names get on government payroll.”
Senator Doe-Sherif said the chiefs request is not political but an entitlement and that every Liberian who works for the government is entitled to his or her just benefit..
Writes Titus E. Dessie