Vote-rich Nimba Falls to Boakai


The influential council of chiefs, elders and zoes has urged the people of Nimba to vote Boakai

The influential council of chiefs, elders and zoes has urged the people of Nimba to vote Boakai

Vice President Joseph Boakai’s presidential bid received a significant boost Saturday when Liberia’s second -most populated county- Nimba joined the increasing list of counties and regions backing his campaign for president.

Several thousands people from across Nimba defied a heavy downpour of rain to demonstrate their support for Boakai at a football stadium in Ganta City. Leading the endorsement was the county’s influential council of chiefs, elders and zoes who urged their kinsmen to vote for the Vice President in October this year.

The chiefs said Boakai has been chosen for President because he will reconcile and unite the country, ensure the devolution of power and push the country to prosperity and happiness via meaningful social-economic development programs.

“We the people of Nimba believe that With the nation in social economic and political transition, a unifying leader is needed,” the traditional leaders of Nimba said in a statement.

For his part, Vice President Boakai paid tribute to the people of Nimba for their enviable entrepreneurial trait.

“I want to thank you the sons and daughters of Nimba for working with your people to ensure that my visit to Nimba was one of the most memorable and impactful of all of the counties that I have visited,” he said.

“I have always remained confidence in the following: the potential for Unity and genuine reconciliation amongst our people. They need only the leader who knows the country, who understands the people to bring them together. It is not a miracle. It can happen
with the right leadership, honesty, positive feeling for the country.

“The young people have potential. We will use them. We are one people.

“We will not allow artificial boundaries drawn by people, who hold no vision for the direction of our country to stand in the way of unity of our people. If you were to put a good highway to the southeast, you don’t have to reconcile these people, they will move on.

“This country will move and will move so fast that we will not know in the next six years. For everything that we have, every connection that we have, we will use it for our people to make them happy.”